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IMPACT Wrestling Results (May 19th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

  • Sami Callihan and Michael Elgin went to war on IMPACT and it seems oVe is finally over.
  • Both the X-Division and TNA Titles are on the line in an action-packed episode of IMPACT Wrestling.
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With a bad leg, can Sami Callihan overcome the overwhelming power of Michael Elgin?
With a bad leg, can Sami Callihan overcome the overwhelming power of Michael Elgin?

Another Tuesday, another episode of IMPACT Wrestling. Last week, we kicked off the No.1 Contenders Tournament for Tessa Blanchard's IMPACT World Championship. Tonight featured two more matches in the tournament, as well as an X-Division Championship bout between Johnny Swinger and Willie Mack.

Both Trey and Hernandez advanced to the semi-finals. We continued the tournament tonight. However, it came with a twist. Originally, Ken Shamrock was set to face Rhino. Due to a heinous assault by Michael Elgin last week, though, Shamrock was knocked out of the tournament.

His replacement? Former X-Division Champion Ace Austin. We opened the night with the Ace of Spades and the War Machine on IMPACT. As far as Elgin goes, he'll be competing in his own tournament match tonight against the Callihan Death Machine, Sami Callihan.

No. 1 Contenders Tournament for IMPACT World Championship: Ace Austin vs Rhino

Rhino, as expected, overpowered Ace Austin early, forcing Austin to ringside several times. Back inside the ropes, Austin went low, getting a chance to chop down the former World Champion.

Austin's attacks barely hindered Rhino, and he had to throw himself to the floor again to avoid an early Gore. This time, Rhino followed him to the floor, suplexing him and driving him into the barricade repeatedly. He picked up a steel chair as well, but decided against it, wanting to avoid the DQ.

That moment of hesitation allowed Austin to get back in the match, connecting with a shot to the gut before rocking Rhino with a running kick to the jaw. Austin drove Rhino face first into the steel post before rolling inside, looking for a count-out victory.

Rhino barely made it back inside, where he was met by a nasty array of strikes, including a springboard cyclone kick. Rhino kicked out at two. Austin was able to evade Rhino's offense for a while. However, a double clothesline gave Rhino the chance he needed, bringing both men down to the mat.


Back to their feet, Rhino blocked a roundhouse kick and manhandled Austin with a series of shoulder blocks and clotheslines. Austin responded with a single leg lariat, but couldn't keep the War Machine down. Rhino would drop Austin with a superplex eventually, but couldn't keep secure the pinfall on IMPACT.

Austin looked for the chair that Rhino brought in, but the ref prevented it. Rhino went for the same, forcing the ref to toss the chair outside. As he had his back turned, it allowed Ace Austin to bring out his cane and crack Rhino over the skull. The Fold finished Rhino and sent Austin into the next round.

Results: Ace Austin defeated Rhino via pinfall.

Grade: B-

Austin's next opponent? Supermex, AKA Hernandez.

Another interview with Josh Mathews and "TNA World Champion" Moose went...about as well you'd expect on IMPACT. Mathews continued to try and prove that he's not actually a champion. Moose presented some pretty solid evidence. The ref held the belt up, and the ring announcer called the match at IMPACT Rebellion a championship bout. Now...Moose demanded, and threatened them to do so, but that's not important.

Mathews then brought up Suicide, who would've beaten Moose had the ref not gotten taken out last week on IMPACT. A low blow allowed Moose to cut Suicide in half with the No Jackhammer Needed spear.

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Published 20 May 2020, 08:09 IST
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