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IMPACT Wrestling Results (May 26th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what fear looks like
That, ladies and gentlemen, is what fear looks like
Greg Bush
Modified 27 May 2020
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Last week, we saw two of the favorites in the IMPACT Wrestling #1 Contender's Tournament, Michael Elgin and Sami Callihan, go one-on-one in the opening round. Big Mike focused a lot on the leg of The Draw, which was still injured from his match with Ken Shamrock, hindering the former champion's offense. With that and a nasty Elgin Bomb, Michael Elgin moved onto the next round, where he'd face Trey.

Could Trey pull out an upset tonight? All that and more happened on tonight's episode of IMPACT Wrestling!

Speaking of the tournament, we kicked off the night with Ace Austin vs Hernandez. However, before that, IMPACT Wrestling dedicated the show tonight to both Shad Gaspard and Hana Kimura.

IMPACT Wrestling #1 Contender's Semi-Final Match: Ace Austin vs Hernandez

SuperMex is not impressed
SuperMex is not impressed

Hernandez looked to maul the former X-Division Champion early. Though he was able to avoid some heavy hands, Austin would find himself in the corner eventually, with SuperMex tossing him around the ring with ease.

Austin avoided a big body splash in the corner and responded with a springboard roundhouse. A series of roundhouse to the leg and a chop block damaged Hernandez's left knee, but he responded with a military press slam. Austin avoided a nasty lariat and responded with a spinning back kick to the jaw. A dropkick sent Hernandez to the floor, but the big man caught him mid-suicide dive, clapping his ears.


While the ref wasn't looking, Austin kicked the rope as Hernandez was getting in, catching him with a sneaky low blow. He continued to work over the leg of the TNA Original. Every time Hernandez caught Austin with a big slam, he was taken down with another shot to the knee.

After finally chopping the former TNA Tag Team Champion down to size, Austin rocked him in the corner with a basement dropkick. Hernandez kicked out and bowled over Austin with a series of shoulder tackles and clotheslines.

A big body splash in the corner left Austin crumbling to the mat. The choke toss nearly sent Austin from one corner to the other. Austin responded with a victory roll attempt but was countered by Hernandez with a Canadian backbreaker.


The Border Toss was avoided, and Ace clipped the knee once again. Hernandez caught Ace going for the fold, but a powerbomb attempt turned into a hurricanrana sending him face-first into the turnbuckle. Another Fold was countered, and yet again Austin clipped the knee.

Finally, the Fold connected, sending Ace Austin to the finals of a tournament he wasn't even originally part of.

Results: Ace Austin defeated Hernandez via pinfall.

Grade: B+

Thanks to Michael Elgin, Ken Shamrock's place in the tournament was filled by the Ace of the X-Division. Ace Austin has defeated Rhino and Hernandez already and is one win away from an IMPACT World Title Match. He'll face the winner of Trey and Michael Elgin.

We got a clip of Cody Deaner sitting outside his compound, waiting on his mystery partner "Wheels".


Will Deaner find a way to take the IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Titles off The North?

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Published 27 May 2020, 08:40 IST
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