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IMPACT Wrestling Results (November 10th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

Greg Bush
Modified 11 Nov 2020, 09:25 IST
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TJP goes for a Surfboard Stretch on the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion
TJP goes for a Surfboard Stretch on the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion

Tommy Dreamer sat Larry D down for a lie detector test backstage at IMPACT Wrestling. Larry passed. Cody Deaner was next, and Dreamer brought up the fact that Deaner had said he'd wanted to kill John E. Bravo last month. Was it Cody Deaner? We cut away to the next match before the results were revealed.

Why Cody, why? Maybe Bravo stole some of his beer?

Next up was the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship match. TJP faced off against Rohit Raju, hoping to finally take the belt off of the Desi Hitman. However, if he failed tonight, he'd get no more shots at the title as long as Raju held it.

IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship: TJP vs Rohit Raju (c)

TJP rushed Rohit Raju, hitting him with a baseball slide before he ever got in the ring. A suplex to the ramp weakened the champ before they moved back in to start the match. TJP worked over Raju's knees, hoping to wear him down for that TJP Clutch.

The Mocha Skin Manimal struggled to get out the gate, but after pulling the ref into harm's way, he caught TJP with a leg trip and superkick to the jaw. A senton connected, and Raju was officially in control. A series of strikes finished with a roundhouse to the jaw, dropped the former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion for a two-count.


Raju looked to wear TJP down further, focusing on the left arm to sabotage his various submission holds. TJP turned things around with a surprise tornado DDT and a picture-perfect dropkick. A springboard forearm nailed Raju, setting up for a Surfboard Stretch.

TJP brought it into a pinfall, and Raju barely kicked out. A triangle dropkick knocked Raju away from the ropes, but as TJP went up, Raju stunned him with a running palm strike.

TJP caught him moving up for the diving stomp, launching him across the ring, but the champion refused to give up, hitting two big running strikes. A rolling forearm and leg-trapped DDT took TJP down for another near fall. TJP caught Raju with the chickenwing gutbuster and moved up for the Mamba Splash.


Raju countered it with the crossface, but couldn't get the submission. TJP locked in the TJP Clutch, and when Raju moved to the corner, dragged him away. However, Raju brought the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Title with him, and when the ref took it away, Raju hit him with a low blow.

The running knee dropped TJP for the pin.

Results: Rohit Raju defeated TJP via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: A

Hernandez passed the lie-detector test and confronted Fallah Bahh regarding his money. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelez came to his defence, but when Bahh wasn't looking, they stole the cash.

Will anyone ever spend that money? Who in IMPACT Wrestling will actually spend Hernandez's cold hard cash?

Published 11 Nov 2020, 09:25 IST
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