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IMPACT Wrestling Results (November 5th, 2019): Sami Callihan celebrates his World Title win, Joey Ryan does the unthinkable to Ken Shamrock 

Greg Bush
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Published 06 Nov 2019, 09:10 IST
06 Nov 2019, 09:10 IST

The Callihan Death Machine celebrated all night long with oVe
The Callihan Death Machine celebrated all night long with oVe

Last week, Sami Callihan shocked the world when he took the IMPACT World Championship from the hands of the "Machine" Brian Cage. After four Cactus Specials, including one form the second rope, the Draw finally captured gold, kicking off the AXS TV era in an unforseen way.

oVe kicked off IMPACT Wrestling by, "drinking beer like men," with new IMPACT World Champion Sami Callihan bragging about how the company has risen in the ranks of the wrestling world, and it's all thanks to him. Tonight, Callihan and his crew would continue to celebrate his championship win, as long as Tessa Blanchard didn't have anything to say about it.

We kicked off the night with an exciting one-on-one match with Moose and Willie Mack, two of IMPACT's best big men.

Moose vs Willie Mack

An explosive hoss fight started off another exciting episode of IMPACT
An explosive hoss fight started off another exciting episode of IMPACT

Moose dropped Mack with a shoulder tackle and nearly decapitated him with a discus lariat. Mack dodged and managed to send Moose rolling outside with a running hurricanrana. A somersault plancha took out Moose, although Mack landed right on his head.

Back inside the ring, Moose shook off a clothesline and rattled Mack's brain with two running dropkicks in the corner. Moose punished Chocolate Caliente with heavy strikes, and even took him from the top of the turnbuckle all the way to the mat with the Go to Hell. Mack kicked out, however, and began to fire up.

Mack took some chops and elbow strikes, but continued to stand tall, leading to a trade of chops between the two competitors. Mack won the battle, but Moose distracted the referee by tossing his elbow pad to the ground. As the ref had his back turned, a poke to the eyes left Mack blinded.


However, Mack recovered, withstanding a boot to the jaw and dropping the former NFL lineman with a Stunner and a huge running clothesline. The Samoan drop and the standing moonsault couldn't put Moose away.

Moose stopped Mack from diving off the top, and looked to finish him off with a superplex. Mack crashed on the mat below. Both men nipped up, but Mack was dropped on the ropes with a stun gun. The No Jackhammer Needed Spear cut Mack in half.

Results: Moose defeated Willie Mack via pinfall.

Backstage, Alisha Edwards was seen talking about her date with Ace Austin tonight. However, she felt that she couldn't go through with it, and went out to talk to the XXX-Division Champion. She heard Austin talking about how he's already bedded Alisha, bragging to Reno Scum in the stairwell.

With the cat now out of the bag, it looks like Alisha and Eddie may reconcile, and may have a surprise for Ace Austin.

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