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Impact Wrestling Results (September 20th, 2019): LAX says goodbye, NO DQ match takes a turn for the worst

Greg Bush
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:32 IST

LAX's final fight inside an Impact ring was against two close friends

Tonight was the end of an era for Impact Wrestling. After dominating the tag team division for years, becoming the longest-reigning Impact Tag Team Champions in the company's history, and besting the likes of oVe and the Lucha Bros, Santana and Ortiz are leaving Impact Wrestling.

A few weeks ago, LAX lost a title match against the North, failing to regain their titles and being forced out of the company forever. However, last week, Rich Swann and Willie Mack allowed them to go out on a high note. Tonight, they would do just that in the main event.

Kicking off the show, however, was the epic battle between oVe and Tessa Blanchard & the ECW Legends Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, & Rob Van Dam.

Street Fight: oVe (Sami Callihan, Madman Fulton, Dave & Jake Crist) vs Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Rhyno, and Tessa Blanchard

All eight competitors brawled in the middle of the ring. As it cleared, Callihan was left alone with Rob Van Dam. Van Dam attempted a monkey flip, but Callihan held onto the ropes. A piledriver was countered into a body scissors takedown, and Rob Van Dam connected with the Rolling Thunder. Callihan rolled out with Van Dam in pursuit.

Blanchard and Dave Crist were next to step inside the ring. Blanchard left Dave set up in the corner for a rope-assisted Magnum. Dave rolled outside where he was met by a suicide dive. Jake Crist and Tommy Dreamer then rolled in, with Dreamer quickly eliminating Jake via a fallaway slam.

However, Madman Fulton rushed him, sending him spiralling to the outside with a big boot. Rhyno rushed the ring and had the big man on his feet. Jake Crist, though, held onto Rhyno's legs as he bounced off the ropes, allowing Fulton to take him out with a running forearm.

Dreamer made it back inside and sent Jake Crist packing, following up with a cutter to Fulton after biting his thumb. However, he quickly recovered and bowled over the Hardcore Icon with a shoulder tackle. Fulton then launched Jake over the ropes, with the X-Division Champion taking out all other competitors.

Fulton was sent to the outside by Dreamer, who climbed to the top rope. Dreamer then leapt onto everyone, leaving all eight competitors struggling to get off the ground. Eventually Callihan and RVD made it back inside. Van Dam pelted the Draw with strikes and ducked a clothesline for another dive over the ropes. Callihan taunted the ECW legends but didn't notice Tessa Blanchard enter the ring.


A double leg takedown and a few punches rocked Callihan, who was then planted with a cutter. Dave Crist cut her off as she went up top, bringing her down on everyone else with a superplex. Callihan, again, was the first to recover for his team, with Rhyno entering the ring for the other. A spinebuster sent Callihan out, but a series of spinning kicks dropped the War Machine. After taunting the crowd, Dreamer turned around into a Bionic Elbow.

Dave stunned him with a strong right hand and was immediately eliminated from the ring with a spinning back kick. Fulton rolled in afterwards and planted Van Dam with his finisher. Before he could make the pin, Blanchard broke it up. The Undeniable One spiked him via tilt-a-whirl DDT, and ascended the ropes for a top rope Magnum. Jake Crist held her legs, allowing Fulton to smack her across the face with a palm strike.

As he raised Blanchard over his head, Jake dropped her with a mega Crist Cutter. Rob Van Dam broke up the pinfall, and he and Dreamer took out Fulton with a kendo stick and a little bit of teamwork. He then followed up, leaping onto Dave Crist and Fulton with a cross body to the outside. As Rhyno and Dreamer set up to send Jake Crist into a table that Rhyno set up, Callihan low blowed them both.

Dreamer countered the Cactus Special with a claw on his package, setting up for a piledriver. Jake Crist superkicked him, but was then Gored through a table for his trouble. A Five-Star Frog Splash from Rob Van Dam and a crossface with the kendo stick from Tessa Blanchard left Jake with nowhere to go. Callihan was held down by Van Dam and Rhyno as Jake Crist tapped out.

Results: Tessa Blanchard defeated Jake Crist via submission.

Backstage, Ace Austin was seen in a wheelchair, an arm sling and a neckbrace, playing up the assault he took from Eddie Edwards last week. Alisha Edwards asked why he was here, wondering why he wasn't resting at home. The Ace of the X-Division claimed that this was what he did for those that he cared about, and wondered about the whereabouts of Eddie.

Tonight, Alisha Edwards will battle the Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie.

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Published 21 Sep 2019, 10:20 IST
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