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IMPACT Wrestling Results (September 27th, 2019): oVe crashes Brian Cage's wedding, Ken Shamrock returns

Greg Bush
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Published 28 Sep 2019, 10:39 IST
28 Sep 2019, 10:39 IST

A championship wedding main evented this week
A championship wedding main evented this week's IMPACT

Tonight, Brian Cage and Melissa Santos took the next step in their lives. Luckily for them, weddings never end badly when it comes to wrestling. Right?

Throughout the night, IMPACT fans were treated to special interviews and behind the scenes discussions at the wedding, all the while getting their weekly dose of action in the ring. This week's show kicked off with what seemed to be LAX, who had officially left the company as of last week.

LAX's music hit to kick off the show, and though the fans were initially excited to see the four-time tag team champions make a surprise appearance, they were immediately deflated once they realized it was the North rocking LAX gear with their titles around their necks.

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander insulted the crowd for cheering someone dressed like "losers." Alexander tore into LAX and the rest of the tag division, claiming that they were all beneath the North. Forget trying to break the record for most title reigns. The IMPACT Tag Team Champions are going for the long haul, as they'll never lose their belts.

Page promised that LAX would never return to IMPACT, regardless of what power Konnan has in the streets or the company. At this point, Konnan walked out, ready to make a surprise announcement.

Alexander and Page taunted Konnan for the loss of his boys, but when Konnan fired back, the North took it personally, specifically Josh Alexander. Page said that it doesn't matter who he brings out, because they've already beaten them. Daga? Beat him. LAX? Threw them out of the company.

Konnan's surprise instantly electrified the arena, revealing that it would be Rob Van Dam and Rhino who would send the champs packing tonight.


The North vs Rob Van Dam & Rhino w/Konnan

Back from commercial, Josh Alexander was battering Rob Van Dam in the corner. However, Mr. Friday Nights responded with a monkey flip followed by a Rolling Thunder. Rhino tagged in, but wasn't able to keep Alexander from escaping to his corner. Page entered the ring where he was pummelled into the mat by the War Machine.

A shoulder tackle from Rhino set Van Dam up for a spinning leg drop and a two-count. Page was pelted by punches on the ropes. However, he managed to send Van Dam across the ring where Alexander was waiting, catching him with a knee in the back. This allowed Page to get back in control and tag Alexander in.

A floatover from a suplex earned Alexander a two-count. Alexander distracted the ref while Page choked out Van Dam on the apron. Page tagged back in and Van Dam was met with a knee shot/shoulder block combo, sending him down to the mat. He followed up with knees and boots to the face and choked him out on the second rope.

Van Dam broke away from Page with a punching combination and a high kick to the bridge of the nose, leaving him just shy of his partner. Alexander and Rhyno tagged in, with the latter mauling Alexander. Page was sent into Alexander in the corner and pushed out into a clothesline. He set up for the Gore on Alexander, but the ref was distracted, allowing Page to connect with a superkick. Van Dam broke up a pinfall attempt and took Page out to ringside.

The ref and Konnan checked on Page and Van Dam, leading Alexander to roll out for the title belt. Konnan held onto it, allowing Rhyno to recover and cut him in half with the Gore. Van Dam followed that with the Five-Star Frog Splash, putting away the IMPACT Tag Team Champions.

Results: Rhyno and Rob Van Dam w/Konnan defeated The North via pinfall.

Backstage, Gama Singh was berating the Desi Hit Squad for getting squashed by the Deaners, which is why he brought back Mahabali Shera. Shera is here to pick up the slack, but the Squad had better start delivering results, or they'll be replaced.

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