Impact Wrestling results, video highlights, and analysis - 12 April 2019

  • Without Allie to reign her in, Rosemary is now on a warpath
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With Allie gone, Rosemary looked to take out her pain on the undead bride
With Allie gone, Rosemary looked to take out her pain on the undead bride

Last week, we saw the reigning despicable couple Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie attempt to send Jordynne Grace's celebration after a win over Knockouts legend Madison Rayne. Before they could finish their onslaught, they would be stopped by Brian Cage.

With Cage and Grace setting their eyes on the gold, Impact and Valkyrie will have to face two of the most powerful competitors in the business at Rebellion. However, tonight they would have to figure out how to escape from a tag team match against their #1 contenders.

Even if Impact manages to clear the Machine, he still has another terrifying enemy around the corner in Killer Kross. Kross was never fooled by the games of the champion and always seemed to know his true nature. As he continues to build tension and get in the head of the champion, one has to wonder when he'll make an official challenge for the Impact World Championship.

The North (Ethan Page, Josh Alexander) would debut tonight, and hoped to prove why they're one of the greatest tag teams, not just in Canada, but in the world.

Tonight, though, kicked off with another matchup between Moose and one of the Radicalz. Moose has been targetting Trey, Dez, and Wentz since they made light of him a month back. Tonight, Wentz looked to put an end to his crusade.

Moose continued to punish the Rascalz
Moose continued to punish the Rascalz

Moose vs Wentz w/The Rascalz

Moose attempted to tease Wentz early and managed to overpower him, picking him up with ease and placing him on the top of the turnbuckle for a slap. Wentz turned it around with a hurricanrana, then forced the former offensive lineman to chase after him. However, on the outside, Moose was able to catch a diving Wentz, only to be shoved into the ring post.


With Moose set up in the corner, Wentz ran him down with two running elbows, but Moose followed him back for the third, delivering a running dropkick. Moose followed it up with a running delayed dropkick to a seated Wentz. The dazed Rascal attempted to fight out of the corner but was stunned by the heavy hitting heavyweight. Moose hammered away at Wentz with several shots to the head and the back.

Wentz was launched across the ring with a choke toss and screamed in agony as Moose played to the crowd. The former Grand Champion then continued to torture him, standing on his head while getting in the face of the official.

Wentz was tossed outside, where he tried to crawl away from the danger. Moose didn't give him much time to recover, beating him down before attempting a powerbomb to the apron. Wentz escaped, only to be dropped face first on the apron when his kick was blocked.

Moose tossed him inside but when he turned back to taunt the crowd, Wentz took him down with another dive. Back inside, he connected with two dropkicks in the corner followed by an enziguri. Wentz avoided the right hands of Moose and brought him down with a springboard corkscrew crossbody. Moose kicked out but was immediately stunned by a handspring kick.

Wentz looked for a top rope crossbody, but Moose caught him and sent him over the ropes onto Des and Trey. Back inside, Wentz prevented Moose from getting inside with a pair of superkicks. However, after being hung up over the top rope, Moose cleaved him in half with a spear.

Results:Moose defeated Wentz via pinfall.

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Published 13 Apr 2019, 10:20 IST
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