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Impact Wrestling results, video highlights, and analysis - 26 April 2019

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Rich Swann tried to talk some sense into Sami Callihan before Rebellion
Rich Swann tried to talk some sense into Sami Callihan before Rebellion

Backstage, The Rascalz ran into each other after following notes left for each one of them. Wentz, Des, and Xavier, after going through Wentz' pockets, were met by Moose. Moose said that he wanted to introduce them to some new friends of his. Josh Alexander and Ethan Page then joined Moose in jumping the trio, slamming all three of them into the concrete walls.

Scarlet Bordeaux gave Impact fans some exciting news. After some great success in her in-ring career thus far in the company, she decided that she'd like to celebrate with a live Smokeshow at Rebellion on April 28th.

Undead Maid of Honor vs Rosemary

Rosemary was distracted by the rest of Su Yung's bridal party, allowing the MoH to force her into the corner. A body splash was avoided by Rosemary, who hammered her opponent with several forearm shots and a slingblade neckbreaker. MoH kicked out at two. Mounted forearms continued to rock Su Yung's pawn, but as she got up, she avoided another attack and dropped Rosemary with a sit out rear mat slam.

Rosemary caught the MoH with the green mist, finishing her off with a spear.

Results: Rosemary defeated the Undead Maid of Honor via pinfall.

Su Yung attempted to leap into the ring but Rosemary, still covering the body of the MoH, threatened her with mist. Yung backed out, and Rosemary chained up the her opponent, taking her, supposedly, back to the undead realm.


Rich Swann made it to the oVe compound, where he ran into Dave and Jake Crist. The duo told Swann that Sami Callihan wasn't there, but the X-Division Champion moved onward. He banged on the door, demanding Callihan open up.

Swann said he remembered when Callihan's mother died, and they went to Germany together afterward. He hoped that Swann was behind the door listening, asking to speak to his former friend one final time. As he walked away, Callihan opened the door, as the champion's words clearly reached him in some way. Still, Swann had already left, and Callihan went back inside, head hanging low.