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Ring of Honor News: ROH star on Daniel Bryan teasing return to the promotion

Johny Payne
3.75K   //    24 Nov 2017, 00:12 IST

Daniel Bryan has asserted his intentions of returning to ROH
Daniel Bryan has asserted his intentions of returning to ROH

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of Interactive Wrestling Radio, ROH wrestler Rhett Titus addressed the possibility of Daniel Bryan returning to the promotion.

Additionally, Titus also expounded upon banter of him hating the prospect of having to train under Daniel Bryan.

In case you didn’t know…

Apart from competing as a professional wrestler, Bryan has also trained several other up-and-comers; schooling them in the requisites for this sport.

Fans and experts in the professional wrestling community have often speculated about Rhett Titus allegedly hating the fact that he had to train under the tutelage of Daniel Bryan.

The heart of the matter

Rhett Titus revealed that he went from training under Austin Aries to being schooled by Daniel Bryan; adding that while Double-A was a laid back and cool trainer, Bryan was very strict and would make trainees dole out extra push-ups, squats and rope-runs in case they arrived to practice late.

However, Titus clarified that although he didn’t like the seemingly excessive strictness, he eventually learnt the value of it all; and he himself would has no qualms of going tough on younger competitors today. Furthermore, Titus explained that he was a big fan of Daniel Bryan before he trained under him, and considering that ROH would do great business with the latter back; it’d be nice if Bryan wrestled again for the promotion. He added—

“But, as someone who has known him and as a friend, if he’s not 100% and healthy and is going to put himself at risk, I wouldn’t want him to do that. There is life after wrestling. He’s got a baby now and a wife and other things he’s got to consider, but, if he’s good to go and if he feels he’s good to go… Hey! I’d love to have him back!”

What’s next?

Rhett Titus presently performs for ROH, whereas Daniel Bryan serves as the on-screen General Manager on WWE’s SmackDown brand.

Bryan’s WWE contract will run out next year; following which he’s expected to return to the indie circuit.


Author’s take

Daniel Bryan has taken a ton of damage over the course of his long and storied career.

Irrespective of that, fans need to acknowledge the fact that Bryan is an adult, and should he feel fit enough and be cleared to wrestle by the doctors, he has every right in the world to resume pro-wrestling competition again.

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