Indy News: Joey Ryan parodies Cody Rhodes by dressing up as Stardust at indie event

Joey Ryan sure does love getting under the skin of Cody Rhodes
Harald Math

What’s the story?

The feud between Joey Ryan and Cody Rhodes went to new heights at APW #WEOUTHERE two nights ago when the King of Dong Style showed up for his match with The Berkley Brawler dressed as Cody’s former character, Stardust.

Ryan was to be billed as ‘Stardong’ and wowed the crowd with all of the trademark taunts of The Inter-dimensional Oddity. Ryan’s arrogance would get the better of him, however, but his point was clear for all to see.

Ryan would reappear later in the evening in an attempt to cost Cody his match against Penta el Zero M (the former Pentagon Jr.) but was unsuccessful, incurring the wrath of Penta in the process.

After the match, Cody would put the cherry on top of Ryan’s bad night by challenging him to a steel cage match, which Ryan is yet to accept.

In case you didn’t know

The Joey Ryan/Cody Rhodes feud has been boiling on the independent scene ever since Cody arrived, with Ryan hitting The Grandson of a Plumber with his trademark YouPorn Plex.

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Ryan also went so far as to carry Rhodes’ stricken wife to the back after Cody had accidentally hit Brandi Rhodes with his Cross Rhodes move.

Joey Ryan is one of the most notorious names on the pro wrestling circuit, he is also a co-founder of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and the former PWG World Champion. Many will know him from either his brief tenure in TNA or his many viral endeavours on the independent wrestling scene.


The heart of the matter

Cody has long since shed himself of his Stardust skin and Ryan’s decision to dredge this unwanted memory up from the past will only intensify the bad blood between the two.

Ryan has since taken to Twitter to reject Cody’s offer of a steel cage match, but this is pro wrestling after all; another bout between the two is somewhat inevitable.

What’s next?

One can only assume that the feud between the two will continue at APW’s debut show at the legendary Cow Palace on May 6, 2017.

Will it continue inside a steel cage? Ryan will surely hope and pray that it doesn’t, with Cody looking to get The King of Sleaze all to himself inside the cage.

Sportskeeda’s take

Whilst the exposure of independent wrestling has hugely improved in the last few years, many promotions continue to have a tendency to book ‘dream cards’ as opposed to coherent story-driven events.

Ryan and Rhodes’ feud is refreshing for this reason, and Ryan’s attempts to escalate the beef at APW #WEOUTHERE can only be applauded.

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