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'Injured' Superstar to feud with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar after return? (Opinion)

Published Jan 04, 2020
Jan 04, 2020 IST

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

Former RAW Commentator Dio Maddin has been out of action ever since he was laid out by Brock Lesnar on an edition of RAW when he stepped up to the 'Beast Incarnate'.

While many reports have suggested that Maddin had been cleared to return, one of the reasons why WWE did not want Maddin to return soon was to sell Lesnar's attack by remaining 'injured' for long. However, it was later reported that Vince McMahon was not happy with Maddin's work on commentary.

Here is what Bryan Alvarez had stated on the Observer:

 I don’t know if Dio Maddin himself is gonna get mad but I’m sure we’ll hear that this is not accurate but this is what happened. Vince and Kevin Dunn didn’t like Dio Maddin on commentary and they took him off commentary and I think they were gonna try to re-train him or whatever to do commentary but now I guess he’s decided he wants to be a wrestler again.

Samoa Joe had joined the RAW commentary team but returned to active in-ring competition last week, leaving the RAW commentary team with just Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler.

This was the perfect week to bring back Maddin on the commentary team if WWE intended to do so. By not having him return, it is clear that Dio Maddin was not bluffing when he had tweeted that he wanted to retire Brock Lesnar. He has even started training at the performance center as per some reports.

Maddin has experience as an in-ring athlete when he worked in Booker T's ROW but transitioned into an announcer's role in WWE. The 28-year-old has the build and personality to pose as a legitimate contender against the Beast Incarnate if booked properly by the company.


It would be unwise to think that Maddin stands a chance at taking the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar, but a feud with one of the biggest names on RAW would surely be the better for Dio Maddin's in-ring return than joining NXT.

With the animosity already present within the two giants, a fresh face against The Beast would certainly be well-received by the fans.

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