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Interview: A conversation with Madison Rayne talking Tessa Blanchard, Chicago Cubs, and women she wants to face in Impact Wrestling

Madison Rayne is a five-time Impact Knockouts Champion...
Modified 01 Apr 2020

Madison Rayne returned to Impact Wrestling last week and was on the commentary team with her husband Josh Mathews; however, on last week's edition of Impact, she had enough of Tessa Blanchard's attack on Kiera Hogan and intervened. That set up a match at Under Pressure on May 31st between the two ladies.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Madison took part in the weekly Impact teleconference where the host, Ross Forman, welcomed her back to the company and asked if she had a sixth Impact Knockouts Championship reign in her mind, and she said it would be "awesome."

When talking about the current Knockouts roster in 2018, Rayne said that it was the most diverse group of women that she's been a part of within the company. She's happy to see the fire and hunger from the younger women of the roster such as Kiera Hogan and Su Yung.

Within the teleconference, I was able to ask Madison two questions, and she graciously answered another question on Twitter that I couldn't get in on the call.

For the first time e
For the first time ever, next week on Impact Wrestling!

My first question was her thoughts on a potential feud with Tessa Blanchard and if she has faced her in the ring before.

Madison said that she's never faced Tessa before, but has shared a lot of locker rooms with her throughout various promotions such as Shimmer. She's really excited about the feud and has been studying her.

"She's making such a massive buzz. She's making her mark on women's wrestling in such a big way. For me, those are the kind of opponents I need and the kind of opponents I want. At this point in my career, I feel for me personally, I want to prove to myself that I still deserve to be in wrestling and still deserve to be in the Knockouts Division; which I hold in very high regard. The idea of having a feud with her is exciting to me. It pushes me to work really hard to be prepared."

Just like myself, Madison is a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. My next question was who is your favorite all-time player for the Cubs and I also asked how she celebrated their big 2016 World Series win.


She mentioned how she got into baseball and got into the Cubs because of her oldest brother has been a massive Cubs fan his entire life.

She mentioned how she followed the career of Ryne Sandberg since she was four years old, but with her professional wrestling career it's hard to follow baseball as much so for her all-time favorites she went with recent Cubs Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.

Kris Bryant & Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs, better known as Bryzzo...

When the Cubs won their first World Series Championship in 108 years, Madison said that she celebrated in her living room with her husband and daughter looking at her wondering what's wrong with her.

Madison is from Ohio and she talked about how she went into a Dick's Sporting Goods store after the World Series win to ask if they had any Cubs championship gear. The problem was the Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians to win the title, and everyone just stopped in their tracks after she asked the question and she quickly walked out of the store.


I then asked her one more question on Twitter about who she would like to face on the Knockouts roster that she has never been in the ring with. Take a look at her response below:

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Published 24 May 2018, 23:36 IST
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