Interview: Former WWE manager Vickie Guerrero says that she is open to a return

Vickie deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame
Vickie deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame

In association with, we’re proud to present a scintillating 15-minute interview that we conducted with the one and only Vickie Guerrero.

While many fans may choose to focus on her iconic ‘Excuse Me’ catchphrase, it needs to be known to the world that Vickie is much more than just a top-level heel manager. From her first day on the job, she was able to grow not only as a performer but as a mentor for fans around the world who want to break into the business as a manager someday.

“Just to watch Eddie in the bathroom rehearsing his promos in the mirror, and being involved with his career on a daily basis, you tend to acquire those characteristics.
Just being involved with his creativity and to watch him become so successful in his career, it was a gift from god. I would think about what would Eddie do when I was in the ring, and I would always think about how I would make Eddie happy that night.”

Through her marriage to Eddie, Vickie was able to harness the qualities that made her husband one of the most beloved figures in all of professional wrestling. From promos to her subtle character work, it soon became obvious to everyone that greatness did indeed run in the family.

These days we don’t see quite as much of the former GM, but don’t worry, because she’s still keeping busy with several projects outside of the squared circle.

“Since I’ve been away I’ve been pursuing a medical career, and also working on my Bachelor’s to finish my healthcare administration. That’s as well as doing conventions and meet & greets for independent promoters, and I’ve also been writing my book. I keep busy even though you don’t see me on TV anymore, and I don’t know how to rest.”

With that being said it’s clear to us that Vickie wants to make a return one day, whether it be in a special one-off appearance format or on a more permanent basis.

Guerrero comes across as one of the most genuine & kind-hearted individuals to have ever walked through the doors of WWE, and the business that we all know and love is a better place with her in it.

“Never say never. I guess with my girls being older now I don’t have to worry about them being at home, so yeah, if I ever had the chance I would love to do it again.”

Although she wasn’t given quite as much recognition as we’d have liked at Raw 25, Vickie herself will tell you that she’s just happy to have been a part of the journey. That, in a nutshell, exemplifies the kind of attitude that all performers in this industry should strive to possess.

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