Interview: Jeff Hardy talks about Randy Orton, the future of Hardy Boyz and more

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is not only a legend when it comes to Tag Team wrestling along with his brother Matt Hardy, but is also a former multi-time WWE Champion.

I had the chance to speak to him via telecon, just days before his Hell in a Cell match against Randy Orton and here is what he had to say:

SK: Do you agree with Randy Orton saying that he hasn’t gotten the same kind of respect like you have in his career?

Jeff Hardy: No, I don’t know what chip he has got on his shoulder. I mean he is known as the legend killer, The Viper, The Apex Predator.

He is a future Hall of Famer and is great at what he does. The WWE Universe has great respect for him so I think this is something personal towards me, tearing my sleeves and painting my face like a rodeo clown; I don’t know what his issue is with me and my creative outlets.

SK: Since you are a pioneer in the high-flying style, who has impressed you the most from the 205 Live roster?

Jeff: Definitely Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali. Every time I’ve stuck around after Smackdown to watch 205 Live, they blow my mind. They keep raising the bar and I don’t know how they keep doing it. Those two guys are amazing and I love watching it.

Shiven: Although Matt Hardy is out with injury, can we expect to see The Hardy Boyz back as a tag team anytime soon?

Jeff: I’m sure our roads will cross again as the Hardy Boyz. When I had rotator cuff surgery, Matt had to go on and do something on his own, and he the whole Woken thing. I hope we get to do more of that. I hope we can re-team in the near future and do more behind the scenes work with this. So, I’m sure you’ll see the Hardy Boyz soon again… or rather the Hardy Men.

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