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Interview: Kane discusses WWE Live India, Team Hell No, playing Diesel & more!

Riju Dasgupta
11.44K   //    21 Nov 2017, 00:31 IST

Twenty years since his debut, The Big Red Machine is just as monstrous
Twenty years since his debut, The Big Red Machine is just as monstrous

In October 1997, The Undertaker gazed aghast as his kayfabe brother made his way up the ramp, towards Hell in a Cell. The look betrayed a certainty, that sports entertainment would never be the same, following that moment in time.

Little did I know that twenty years later, I would be in conversation with the monster himself. Kane has visited India in the past, and looks forward to performing at WWE Live India on 9th of December, where he battles yet another beast in the 'Monster Among Men' himself, Braun Strowman.

As his baritone fills the telephone connection, it is easy to gauge that Kane is a man of few words, and does not like to go off, like many of his contemporaries do.

I ask him how it felt to be part of a segment with Daniel Bryan on RAW leading up to Survivor Series, so many years after the dissolution of Team Hell No. I also enquired if he believed Bryan would wrestle again.

Kane tells me that he does not know yet. However, he recalls his time with Daniel Bryan with much fondness.

I had a lot of fun with Team Hell No. It was a great time. It was a departure from what I'd done before, in WWE. Daniel Bryan and I would complement each other's performance, and it was actually the most fun thing I've ever got to do.

Close on the heels of NXT Takeover: WarGames, I ask Kane if he had a chance to check out NXT superstar Aleister Black, and considering that both their gimmicks are rooted in the dark side, if he sees a bit of himself in the hard-hitting striker.

Yeah, a little bit. He's a guy with a great future, and had a great match at WarGames.

I decide to push my luck and ask him for any indication of a Brothers of Destruction reunion in the future. A sinister laugh echoes over the telephone connection, as he proclaims that we'll just have to see about that one.

Before he was Kane, Glenn Jacobs also portrayed another character, Diesel. Not the character that Kevin Nash made famous, but a stand-in for the same, when Nash went over to WCW at the height of the Monday Night Wars.

I ask Kane if he's had a chance to discuss the gimmick with Kevin Nash, at some point in the past. Kane laughs:

Yeah, I talked to him twenty years ago. I talked to him a long, long time ago. We laughed about it. He thought it was great.

He also expresses admiration for Luke Harper, a man with whom he has many similarities. So, how has the locker room changed after twenty years in the wrestling business?

It's very different now. Especially the younger guys. Social media, video games...we had never even heard of that.

The Demon from Hell ends the interview with a very human sentiment. He's really looking forward to performing in front of Indian fans at WWE Live India. He believes that Indian fans are very passionate indeed. Be part of the action by booking your tickets here.

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