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Interview: Konnan opens up on having creative input for LAX

Aaroh Palkar
312   //    21 Sep 2017, 19:04 IST

LAX returned to Impact Wrestling in 2017
LAX returned to Impact Wrestling in 2017

With more than six tag team championship victories to their name, current Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions LAX are not showing signs of stopping their reign of terror anytime soon.

LAX aka Latin American Xchange was the brainchild of former WCW Superstar Konnan and Homicide. The group initially featured only three members namely Konnan, Homicide, and Apolo. The trio later ended up adding Homicide to their team.

LAX went on to have several well-regarded rivalries with tag teams such as The Motor City Machine Guns, Team 3D, and Beer Money Inc. to name a few.

Although the group officially disbanded in 2009, the LAX made their triumphant return in 2017 on the March 16 edition of Impact Wrestling. This newer rendition of LAX not only featured its founding members Konnan & Homicide but also brought in fresh new faces such as Diamante, Ortiz, and Santana.

In this interview, we got to speak with Konnan regarding how much input he has in storylines and promos concerning LAX. Also, we got to ask Ortiz & Santana about their experience of working with Konnan.

#1 Taking into account your 30+ years of experience in pro-wrestling, how much input do you get to have for storylines and promos concerning LAX?

Konan: Pretty much whatever we wanna do. We’ve run into a couple of speed-bumps as I like to push the envelope. We’ve been told at times ‘you can't-do this’ or ‘you can't-do that’, but I kinda have the feeling that under the new regime we’ll get to push things a little more. You know, just do something that hasn’t been seen in a while and which nobody else’s doing, so you can stand apart. They do listen to us creatively.

#2 How does it feel to work under an esteemed veteran like Konnan?

Ortiz & Santana: It has been an amazing experience so far. He has one of the greatest minds in wrestling, and to be able to sit and speak with him on a personal level and have him teach us so many different things has definitely been very special.

A 100%, we couldn’t be in a better situation, we’ve been so fortunate. We were guys who were fairly unknown and came into the TV and it was “sink or swim” and luckily we swam and that’s kudos to Konnan and Homicide for guiding and giving us the pieces to the puzzle to put it together with the right way. So yeah, it’s been awesome.

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