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Interview: Shinsuke Nakamura talks about his dream opponent for WWE WrestleMania 33, the Bullet Club and more...

Riju Dasgupta
9.43K   //    16 Mar 2017, 13:05 IST
The King of Strong Style expressed his views as only he can

Here are some excerpts and highlights from a recently conducted conference call interview with Former NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Despite the language barrier, Nakamura answered the questions with the utmost swag, as only he can. Read on.

#1- Hi Shinsuke, my question is the difference between the Japanese and the WWE Schedules. In Japan, it's more of a touring schedule where you wrestle a lot of shows in maybe three weeks and maybe have a couple of weeks off. Whereas in WWE it’s much more consistent, week in and week out. Which schedule do you prefer?

Nakamura: The NXT Schedule is easier for me right now. Raw and SmackDown schedules run five days a week with two days off. I already have experience with the Japanese schedule, so it’s not different for me, I think. 

#2- If you were given the opportunity at WrestleMania 33 to face any opponent, who would you like most to face?

Nakamura: I want to face AJ Styles again. 

#3- NXT is WWE’s developmental brand for wrestlers to learn and get better before they make their main roster debut. Do you feel like you’re a better wrestler since joining NXT?

Nakamura: Lot of people ask me this question. So, NXT is not just developmental; it is the third brand. Raw, SmackDown, then NXT. NXT does not only have young talent, but it also has me, Bobby Roode. Before this, there were experienced wrestlers like Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. It's a mix. We're trying to change WWE's wrestling style. 

#4- Shinsuke, if you went up to the main roster would you prefer to go to Raw or SmackDown?

Nakamura: Either brand is okay. Raw has Joe, Finn. So much NXT talent that it's comfortable for me. SmackDown has AJ Styles, Randy Orton, John Cena. I want to wrestle all of them. So either!

#5- Can you talk about your recent tour to Australia and what you enjoyed about it?

Nakamura: I loved Australia. Such a beautiful country for me. Love the country, love the good food. It was paradise for me.

#6- Congratulations on an amazing breakout year. Equally as amazing as what AJ Styles has been able to do on the main roster. How would you describe your breakout year, and where to for you, moving forward after WrestleMania?

Nakamura: I still think I could do more. I’ve done a good job this year, but I still want to go to the next WrestleMania. Before WrestleMania, there’s Takeover, and I need to prove myself again. Then, I want to go up as soon as possible.

#7- Would you like to see the Bullet Club reform in WWE? If you had to be the leader of that group, who would you like in the group with you?

Nakamura: I want to see a new movement like the Bullet Club. I would want to see Karl Anderson in the group. He is one of my best friends.

#8- I’d like to see The Club vs. The Shield. I think it would be a good match.

Nakamura: I think so too.

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