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Interview: Taya Valkyrie discusses her program with Rosemary, favourite Impact wrestling stars & more

Riju Dasgupta
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Taya Valkyrie addressed media from across the world
Taya Valkyrie addressed media from across the world, very recently

Taya Valkyrie came to Impact Wrestling in the year 2017 and instantly, made a huge (no pun intended) impact. Whether you know her from Lucha Underground, AAA, Impact Wrestling or any of her independent wrestling appearances, it is impossible to deny that her captivating entrance and a dazzling display of moves are a delight to behold.

I caught up with her as part of an Impact Wrestling teleconference, not long ago. Here is a transcript of our short conversation.

I had a chance to interview Rosemary recently and she said that even though your match at Bound for Glory got cancelled, it increased the tension between the two characters. Could you elaborate on your chemistry with her?

Taya Valkyrie: From the first second I got to wrestle Rosemary...I had wanted to work with her for so long that when we finally faced each other, it really was great. You know...Canadian to Canadian...we have such an understanding of each other. And you know when you really want something and you can't have it, it really makes that tension grow.

So I think the intensity that you're going to see from me and her over the course of the next few weeks is going to be so much greater than it was in the fall. Because we just wanted to have that blow off so bad. It's hard to be patient sometimes. It just made me think about what I wanted to do. Be more intense with my movement, with my performance. Hopefully, it comes across and you guys enjoy what we created.

Who were some of the men and women of Impact Wrestling you enjoyed watching before you stepped in through the doors?

Taya Valkyrie: I'm a huge fan of Gail Kim. Always have been. So she's right up there. Awesome Kong. I got to wrestle her recently and that was a huge dream of mine, to just face her. I mean The Beautiful People. There are so many really great Knockouts that have come through that locker room and who really had to fight to get the respect in Women's Wrestling. And fight for recognition to be seen as really great athletes. And that just motivates me every day to keep that legacy going.

As far as the men are concerned, I mean (laughs), I can't pick any one or two. There's Samoa Joe and there's AJ Styles and all these people who've come through there. And even now. Like I love watching Eli Drake cut a promo. Austin Aries is awesome. It's really great to be working with people who are so inspired all the time. And that just inspires me. So, it's quite great to be part of the locker room.

What's your opinion on your fellow Canadian, Allie? Do you think we'll see a program between the two of you down the line?

Taya Valkyrie: Allie I met years ago when we actually went to an FCW tryout. Oh god, when was this? Maybe 6 years ago, together (Laughs). When she was still wrestling as Cherry Bomb and living in Canada. Us Canadian girls always support each other because it's hard making it out of Canada and finding your way to other countries.

I would absolutely love to work a program with her. I think she's really talented. I love her character on Impact. And I really think her bubbly fun cuteness versus Taya's harsh coldness would be a really fun storyline for us so hopefully, we get to face each other in the Impact Zone soon.

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