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Opinion: Why Dean Ambrose might turn heel at SummerSlam

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The much-anticipated return of Dean Ambrose had the crowd going instantly

Dean Ambrose's return to the WWE was met with much applause. And while the Lunatic Fringe has always been quite over with the WWE universe, it is evident that his unpredictability makes him one of the most exciting characters on the roster.

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His return was anticipated sooner or later and the moment it happened, the WWE universe could not curb their excitement. Dean Ambrose is one of the most over superstars on the roster and his return opens the door for a wide range of possibilities in terms of storylines.

Earlier, Seth Rollins lost the Intercontinental Championship to Dolph Ziggler in an open challenge and has since then tried to unsuccessfully regain the title in a series of matches against Dolph Ziggler with Drew McIntyre by his side. Rollins found himself in a two on one situation for a long time and finally decided to have the returning Dean Ambrose at his ringside for his match at Summerslam for the Intercontinental Championship.

While Rollins has strengthened his position for the match at Summerslam, it is possible that Ziggler might retain the title. Drew McIntyre has been a force to be reckoned with and he might take out Dean Ambrose before the match begins.

However, the most stunning possibility that might be possible is Dean Ambrose making a surprise heel turn. Although Ambrose might not turn into a heel right at Summerslam, he might begin displaying heelish traits post Summerslam.

One of the events that are definitely going to unfold is Drew McIntyre turning on Dolph Ziggler. While the two of them have been extremely cohesive since the formation of their alliance, they have also been both extremely dominant. McIntyre has displayed more than once the quality of matches that he is capable of putting up against Seth Rollins.

In such a case, he deserves a spot at the title. However, we must remember that Dean Ambrose is a former Intercontinental Champion as well and he had a great run with the title. As such, he might turn on Rollins in a similar way in which Drew McIntyre might turn on Dolph Ziggler.


Dean Ambrose has a long history with Seth Rollins which is one of the most well-known ones in recent times. While Seth Rollins was the initial heel in the rivalry, Dean Ambrose could play a similar role in their next feud.

Also, keeping in mind Dean Ambrose's new look, he would be well suited for playing a heel character. The WWE might consider putting him in such a position where his unpredictable nature comes to play.

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