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Is Seth Rollins vs. Triple H at WrestleMania an actual match or a fight/segment?

It's being reported that Rollins will be cleared to wrestle at 'Mania, but Triple H's verbiage tells a different story.

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What’s the story?

Will Triple H and Seth Rollins actually be having a match at WrestleMania 33 or is WWE now planning some kind of segment, where the pair will simply engage in a brawl?

CageSideSeats has reported that while Rollins will be cleared to wrestle, they may just book a brawl instead of a match between HHH and the Architect. 

In case you didn’t know...

Rollins was attacked by the debuting Samoa Joe, which caused him to re-injure that same knee that he damaged in November 2015, which caused him to take six months off and vacate the WWE Title. However, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer has reported that the WWE is proceeding with Rollins vs. Triple H at WrestleMania. 

Meltzer stated: “Seth is considered good for WrestleMania. So Triple H vs. Seth is on, and that's what they're working towards."

Rollins was The Authority’s hand-picked choice to become the storyline face of the WWE when Triple H convinced him to turn on The Shield. However, last September, Triple H turned on Rollins and helped Kevin Owens win the vacant Universal Title, sparking a feud between Rollins and his former mentor, Triple H. 

The match was pencilled in for WrestleMania 33, until Rollins’ injury cast doubts over it.

The heart of the matter

As we discussed on “The Dirty Sheets” Podcast’s “Raw in 30” show (listen to podcast via the Soundcloud link, below), Triple H’s language has been very strange in recent weeks, during his confrontations with Seth Rollins. Triple H has twice referred to Rollins “turning up to WrestleMania” and “calling him out at WrestleMania.”

Last night on Raw, Triple H appeared via a satellite (although he was really backstage). He gave props to the company for the world-class care they give their athletes. He said he hoped someone like Rollins listens to the experts and utilises that advice. 

Triple H claimed he took it as ignorance when Rollins said he would be at WrestleMania. He said, “When you have the best doctors saying you shouldn't try but you insist, it's just pure stupidity.” Triple H called Rollins a liar, pointing to how he's been lying for years about being “The Man.” 

Triple H went on to say, “WrestleMania is where dreams come true, and Rollins has always dreamed of being The Man, but if he goes against doctor's orders and shows up at WrestleMania to call me out, it will be the last thing Rollins ever does in a WWE ring.”

What’s next?

Turning up to an event and calling someone out, aren’t usually terms associated with a pre-booked and promoted match, but rather a segment, where two men will confront each other and engage in a fight, until the heel runs away. The language used is extremely strange, and the WWE is currently not promoting the match as official on TV or on their website. 

While the Dave Meltzer is reporting the match is 100% on, the WWE certainly don’t seem to be committing to it on TV. WrestleMania 33 takes place in Orlando on Sunday, April 2nd , which is less than four weeks away. The WWE have three episodes of Raw to confirm the match. 

It will be interesting to see how or if the dialogue changes on future episodes.

Sportkeeda’s take

I do believe that Rollins and Triple H will face off in a legitimate match at WrestleMania 33 in the end, however, I do not believe it is 100% right now, or the WWE would commit to it on TV. 

They were keen to announce several matches on this week’s Raw, in order to begin building them up for WrestleMania. However, Triple H vs. Seth Rollins was strangely not among them. I believe that Seth Rollins still has lots of work to do in rehab before the WWE are willing to commit to advertising the match for WrestleMania 33. Especially if this injury relates to the prior injury, which managed to keep Seth Rollins out of action for 6 whole months.

WrestleMania is different from every other PPV. Like all the “Big 4” PPVs, WWE will produce and print event programs, special ringside chairs and T-shirts, specifically for the show. However, WrestleMania is the biggest of them all. 

The WWE will also be producing posters, plaques and lanyards, featuring the advertised matches, in addition to producing artwork that will be seen all around town. When you attend a city that is hosting a WrestleMania, you will see the event advertised on every corner, where most the lampposts in the city will be decorated with WrestleMania banners. 

You are even greeted with WrestleMania banners at the airport when you arrive. WWE literally take over the city during WrestleMania weekend and they certainly won’t want to commit to promoting a match and adding it to their promotional materials, when they are not certain if they can actually deliver it. 

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