Is Samantha Irvin leaving WWE? What we know ahead of Ricochet's rumored exit

Ricochet and Samantha Irvin announced their engagement in January 2023 (Photo credit:
Ricochet and Samantha Irvin announced their engagement in January 2023 (Photo credit:

Reports have surfaced about Ricochet's intention to leave WWE and the following question was whether this will affect Samantha Irvin's future with the company. Ricochet has apparently expressed his desire to part ways with the company once his contract is over this summer, per PW Insider.

Still, this development is not expected to affect his fiancee, Samantha Irvin. The 35-year-old ring announcer, who has made headlines and got high praise from fans for her mic skills, will stay with the company even if her fiance eventually leaves WWE.

This will not be the first time that a couple will be working for different wrestling promotions. A more recent example was Andrade and Charlotte Flair, as the Mexican star used to perform for AEW, while The Queen was with WWE. Since January 2024, they have both been part of WWE again.

As for Samantha Irvin, she will keep her position as WWE ring announcer, while if the former champion insists on his decision, he could very well be pulled off his current storylines and his WWE career will come to an end after six years.

AEW and NJPW expected to show interest to sign Ricochet

With Samantha Irvin seemingly set to stay with WWE after Ricochet's exit, what remains to be seen is where the former IC Champion will move next. Fans can expect that AEW and NJPW will show strong interest to sign him.

It will not be the first time that a star will move to AEW or vice versa. The 35-year-old wrestler spent four years with NJPW before joining WWE (2013-2017).

"He'll have great bangers with [Bryan] Danielson and [Will] Ospreay and Okada because I think, to me, they clipped his wings in WWE. And I don't know why because you know me, I'm a big fan of high-flying and I thought he was the greatest high-flyer since Rey Mysterio," wrestling veteran Konnan said during an appearance on the Keeping it 100 Official podcast.

Ricochet, who was the inaugural WWE Speed Champion, has also won the Intercontinental and United States Championships during his WWE career, while his relationship with Samantha Irvin became public in November of 2021.