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Is the NXT Championship a Blessing or a Curse?

Darth Tony
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Aleister Black wins the NXT Title
Aleister Black wins the NXT Title

Some see the NXT Championship as a beacon signifying that this wrestler is the future of WWE, with most of the roster going through the NXT development system this is Hunter's way of showing Vince Mcmahon how his pet projects would do if given a belt on a bigger stage, and with the success of NXT TakeOvers, there's no denying that people are paying attention.

We have seen the NXT Championship change hands a number of times now so let's take a minute to rewind and look at the wrestler's that have held the NXT Championship and what has happened to their wrestling careers since then.

#1 Seth Rollins - Blessing

Seth Rollins (The First NXT Champion)
Seth Rollins (The First NXT Champion)

The first NXT Champion was Seth Rollins. He made his way to WWE after success in the indies and his success and reign was widely accepted. He represented the attitude that was starting to fill NXT.

Since moving up to the main roster, he has become a Grand Slam Champion, winning every WWE Title and the Money in the Bank. He held the WWE Title for a long period of time, and whatever belt you put on the table, people accept that Seth Rollins deserves it.

He has done exceptionally well in the ring with everyone from Finn Balor to Brock Lesnar. His ability to switch between heel and face is incredible and the fans accept him on either side.

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