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Is The Shield reunion 'Best for Business'?

Jay Schroeck
3.68K   //    01 Nov 2017, 10:15 IST

The Shield: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins
The Shield reunited recently on Raw

Last year's "superstar shake-up" brought Dean Ambrose over to Raw from Smackdown Live. After the shake-up, fans had been speculating and hoping for a Shield reunion. While many were probably still wishing for it, the speculations online and social media seemed to die down. The WWE then teased us for several weeks with Seth Rollins and Dean having a common enemy and each other's uninvited help.

Speculation arose again. Dean and Seth reunited and became Raw Tag Team Champions. Social media was buzzing, and then the Miz, along with the Miztourage and Sheamus/Cesaro added to the fire with their promos and actions. We were hoping. We were ready.

It's 2017 and after three long years, The Shield has reunited. The WWE Universe, including myself, are very excited to see this happen. The question is though, is a Shield reunion "best for business"? In my opinion, the answer is YES!

Simply from a merchandising and marketing standpoint, this is phenomenal for business. Within the same show, The Shield were already wearing new Shield shirts. I would imagine The Shield merchandise would outsell Enzo!

With Brock Lesnar currently the Universal Champion and only appearing on part-time scheduling, the fans need that big attraction. The Shield brings the sales to the arena and ratings on TV.

TLC was gearing up to be a huge success, just with the addition of the Shield, had it not been for Roman's illness.

It's no secret, even to the casual fan, that WWE is pushing Roman Reigns to be the face of the company. A push that has not been well received by the WWE Universe. Recent wins over The Undertaker and John Cena in big PPV matches, were still not enough to sway the fans. The Shield reunion is the launching point for WWE to bring Roman Reigns' back to the fans' favour.

The trio should be ringside for each other's matches, regardless if it's a tag team match or a singles match. Roman's singles' push could continue, and with The Shield accompanying him to the ring, I'm sure the jeers from the WWE Universe would be scarce, if any.

Additionally, they could implement the "Freebird Rule" like The New Day has used in the recent past, when it comes to defending the Raw Tag Team Titles. In using this strategy, all three members would still be able to perform in singles matches and dominate the brand.


Whichever member didn't partake in the tag team match, would wrestle in a singles match and they could rotate this each Raw and PPV. Can you imagine, The Shield holding the Tag Team Championship along with a singles championship? Maybe all of the championships?

An eventual heel turn would break up the group once again, and I think this time that it would be Dean Ambrose being the cause of the second downfall of The Shield. Dean is long overdue for a heel run, as his singles career and alignment has grown quite stale.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments, down below.

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