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Is the WWE planning on an AJ Styles heel turn? 

16 May 2019, 23:14 IST

AJ Styles is one of those performers that the WWE can always depend on to put up an impressive performance. While AJ Styles has been on top of his game during his time on SmackDown live, it is evident that the WWE views him as one of the top-notch superstars on the Raw brand as well.

AJ Styles has been on top of his game on both the Red and Blue brands
AJ Styles has been on top of his game on both the Red and Blue brands

While most fans couldn't be happier watching Styles go up against Seth Rollins, who is again one of the most beloved Superstars on the roster, it would not be bad if the WWE tweaked Styles' character by a bit.

The Background

AJ Styles moved to the red brand after the annual Superstar Shake-up after Wrestlemania. Soon after moving to Raw, Styles was propelled to the main event and positioned opposite the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins. The two have been feuding for the past few weeks and have also been paired up as a tag team, and are now on a collision course at Money in the Bank with the championship hanging in the balance. During their tag team match, AJ Styles accidentally hit Rollins with The Phenomenal Forearm, causing further friction between the two. While this might seem to be a build up with two fan favorites, the WWE might consider using this opportunity to turn Styles into a heel character.

Possibilities and Speculations

The WWE has been shocking fans for quite a while now. The biggest example in this regard was the way Daniel Bryan's character was handled, and he has done an excellent job with his new gimmick. Bryan has transitioned from being one of the top babyfaces to one of the best heels on the roster.

The WWE might try a similar path with AJ Styles, given how much of an impact it could have within the WWE Universe. We have seen from the reactions itself that the WWE Universe has been cheering for Rollins much more than AJ Styles. Although both of them are considered to be fan favorites, Styles seems to be slowly transitioning into a darker version of himself. This might be the perfect time for a heel turn; Styles could very well be one of the major villains in the company, and considering his status within the company, he will not be a cowardly heel. He could be a very well-rounded dominant villain - a character type that is lacking on the main roster.

Although the Raw roster does not suffer from a lack of heel characters like SmackDown live does, the addition of another major heel would do wonders for Rollins' credibility. The way things are, the WWE looks at Rollins as their top draw; stacking the odds against him, and letting the fans witness the hardships he goes through before overcoming them would definitely make him a bigger babyface than he already is.

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