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Is too much of Triple H a bad thing for WWE?

4.50K   //    29 May 2014, 20:47 IST

It seems that slowly but steadily the baton of the WWE legacy is being passed on to Stephanie McMahon and her husband Paul Levesque. And so it seems that there will come a day when Triple H will have the whole backstage world in his hands. After becoming a part time wrestler, Triple H still finds himself as a regular on WWE Television. He’s everywhere. He’s on NXT. He’s on Raw. And, he’s on Smackdown. Triple H is a legend. He is one of the few recognizable wrestling icons in all forms of entertainment, hence making him an icon. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest heels of all time. But can too much of Triple H make you sick?

His annual WrestleMania feud came in the form obstructing Daniel Bryan from becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That has been the defining feud for the better part of the last year and this year. And now, he’s in the most highlighted feud for Payback against the Shield. Well, anything Triple H does will be heavily publicized. Duh!

He is dominating almost every frame of the feud he is part of. He is a big deal, sure. But is he just trying too hard to take matters into his own hands to deliver the good. Business has not picked up lately and it certainly does not look good. Vince McMahon lost a ton of money and Raw ratings are hitting new lows. Is this the pressure doing the works for Triple H to be omnipresent on WWE television? Or is it, as some former wrestlers say, his ways of being the center of all available attention?

WWE is getting many new superstars on the main roster. Paige, Adam Rose, Rusev and Bo Dallas being some of them. The presence of Triple H is really intimidating for any new superstar. The man can make or break your career. Though, his imaginary shovel has become a part and parcel for the fan culture of WWE whenever a promising superstar is heading nowhere, it still seems a bit exaggerated. I would say that whenever he believes in a superstar, he tries to put them over in a big way and that path includes a lot of promising stars taking the brunt from a rising star. He’s put over superstars like Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena and Sheamus in a big way and Roman Reigns looks like he’ll be added to that elite list soon. You see, Triple H does not really put many guys over. I mean, who does?

But he can do all that without being on TV too much, can’t he?

He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere. He’s doing in ring segments, he’s doing backstage segments and in between he’s also doing personal interview. That’s a lot of work. And when he’s not facing off with the Shield, he’s promoting NXT.

This can either add a lot to his character or take a lot away. The thing is Triple H is a perfect fit as an Authority figure and he seems like a good mentor if he believes in you.  But just like John Cena, most of the time Triple H looks invincible. He comes out of harms way without a scratch. He is never truly buried or equaled or humbles by any other superstar. When Daniel Bryan defeats Triple h, he still gets a slaptastic response from Stephanie and there hasn’t been an adversary for Triple H yet that can look down upon him. It’s like it’s him versus the world and still he’s the last one laughing.

Triple H has never truly been humbled. And for that his presence might get too overbearing than must see.

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