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Is WWE Making a Mistake in Calling Up NXT Talent Too Early?

Is NXT being funnelled into WWE unnecessarily?

Feature 24 Jul 2016, 19:58 IST
Apollo Crews is one of NXT’s top talents that may get lost in the WWE shuffle

I have to admit I was slightly shocked when Mick Foley selected Finn Balor so early on Tuesday night in the WWE Draft. I was equally surprised when Baron Corbin’s name was called so early.

Both superstars will impact the main roster, but there were others who deserved to hear their names selected well before these two upstarts – mainly Kevin Owens and Cesaro.

What WWE is doing is admirable – calling up talent from NXT while cultivating a new chapter in company history. Now that there are so few wrestlers left from the Attitude Era and performers like Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry appear closer to retirement with each passing day, a new generation of superstars is ushered in for the transition.

Think of it as The Gap with its black, white and gray transition colors.

When something changes, wrestling fans hope it is for the good. In this case, the talent rising from NXT is exciting and gives us all reason for hope. But with this new found “hope” comes questions. Did WWE make the right decision in bringing Corbin, Apollo Crews and others to the main roster, or was it a panic move?

Do they truly have a future as potential champions, or are they destined to be a fixture in the mid card for the next decade?

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