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JBL responds to fan backlash after Raw

3.14K   //    04 Feb 2015, 16:02 IST
JBL and Eddie Guerrero had some epic battles

Former WWE Superstar and current commentator John Bradshaw Layfield had to explain the comments that he made live on Raw while calling a match between Ryback and Luke Harper. When Harper was on the top rope, JBL said that he looked like a “zombie Eddie Guerrero.” That comment didn’t go down well with a lot of fans as they felt that he had disrespected the late WWE legend who enjoyed a healthy rivalry with him a few years back. 

The Twitter backlash forced him to take to his Facebook page to clear the controversy. This is what he posted:

“The spot with Luke Harper I saw some Twitter comments over. I had just mentioned Walking Dead show and Luke does the ‘Eddie’ spot over the top rope, my comment (since I had mentioned Rick Grimes before toward Luke) was ‘it looks like a zombie Eddie Guerrero’. This was a WALKING DEAD reference toward Luke-who I have said before looks like a ‘walker’.

I would NEVER insult my friend Eddie, for those who took it wrong-sorry about that, but it is what it is.”

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