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Jeff Hardy had a glorious career in the WWE and is still loved by a majority of WWE fans
Jeff Hardy had a glorious career in the WWE and is still loved by a majority of WWE fans

Jeff Hardy is perhaps one of the most recognised wrestlers on the planet. He has made a career out of fighting and prevailing against bigger men who often wrote him off.

He is famous in the world of professional wrestling for his high-flying and fast-paced style of wrestling. In fact, he has performed some of the most daredevil spots in the history of wrestling. He is one of the biggest risk-takers in the wrestling business, having pulled off some incredible stunts during the course of his career.

Jeff has gained his immense popularity with the help of ‘Swanton Bombs’ off the top of ladders and steel cages.

His funky look coupled with the fluorescent paint on his face also sets him apart from other wrestlers. He also switches hairstyles frequently and changes his hair colour from time to time.

He is known by many nicknames such as ‘The Charismatic Enigma’, ‘Enigmatic Soul’, ‘Rainbow Haired Warrior’, and the most recent being ‘Brother Nero’.

For almost two decades Jeff has worked with the who’s who of the wrestling industry. Be it in the WWE or TNA, Jeff became a bona fide star in both companies leaving behind a legacy that speaks for itself.

The Hardy Boyz won the WWE World Tag Team Championships a staggering 6 times
The Hardy Boyz won the WWE World Tag Team Championships a staggering 6 times

In 1998, Jeff along with his brother Matt were signed to the WWE. They joined the RAW roster as a tag team named ‘The Hardy Boyz’. The duo won a number of tag team championships before splitting ways and moving on to find success in their respective singles careers.

Jeff clearly overshadowed Matt with his high octane brand of wrestling and gradually made his way up to the top. Jeff accepted a challenge with ‘The Undertaker‘ for the ‘Undisputed Championship’ title in a ladder match. Despite losing the match, Jeff gained Taker’s respect.

Here’s a video of the full-length match:


Jeff worked other stars such as Shawn Michaels, The Rock and Brock Lesnar. However, he was released by the WWE after a failed drug test and erratic behaviour.

Jeff then entered into a contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, in 2004. While at TNA, Jeff had the opportunity to work with the likes of AJ Styles, Raven and Jeff Jarett. While with the TNA, he won many matches and defeated many renowned wrestlers.

Jeff rejoined WWE in 2006 and there was no looking back for the high-flying superstar. On his first night, he defeated the then-WWE Champion Edge by disqualification. He also feuded with Johnny Nitro for the Intercontinental title. The title kept bouncing back and forth between Jeff and Nitro. Jeff eventually regained the title in November that year.

Hardy’s push gained momentum at Survivor Series the next year when he and Triple H were the survivors of the traditional 5 on 5 men’s elimination match.

Hardy would then go on to feud with Triple H for the rest of the year. The feud continued at Armageddon when Hardy defeated Triple H to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship.

In the weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble, Hardy and Randy Orton engaged in a personal feud, which began when Orton kicked Hardy’s brother, Matt, in the head. Jeff Hardy, in retaliation, Swanton Bombed Orton from the top of the RAW set and seemed to have all the momentum after coming out on top in their encounters.

Hardy, however, lost the title match at the Royal Rumble.

Jeff hardy as the WWE Champion
Jeff hardy as the WWE Champion

Hardy would win the WWE Championship once and the World Heavyweight Championship two times over the course of his career. His last feud in the WWE was against CM Punk where he lost a match to Punk on WWE SmackDown and was forced to leave the company as per the stipulation.

Since then Jeff has only been a part of TNA Wrestling where he is currently employed.

According to the Richest, Jeff Hardy’s current net worth stands at a staggering $12 million.

Jeff Hardy net worth – $12 million

Hardy is currently one-half of the TNA World Tag team champions.

Hardy also draws money by sponsorship deals, endorsements, ads, features and a host of activities outside the ring. According to, Hardy's estimated annual earnings are around $1,623,529 for the year 2015-16 while his sponsorship/endorsement deals garner him $313,725.

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Jeff has also received royalty checks for advertisements and appearances in some prominent WWE pay per views such as Royal Rumble, New Year’s Revolution, and WWE No Way Out.


Jeff hardy has a more eccentric choice when it comes to cars.

He has on more than one occasion chosen to enter the ring in his “Nascar Replica Truck” that is decked up in colourful spray paint. Hardy has also paraded to ringside with his Lamborghini that is assumed to be his favourite. He was also reported to drive a black Chevrolet Corvette C5 according to a WWE magazine.

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Jeff Hardy resides in Cameron, North Carolina with the rest of his family including brother and tag team partner, Matt Hardy. Jeff had a terrible experience when his house burned down back in March 2008.

It was probably one of the worst things that happened to Hardy as he and his wife Beth lost everything except the clothes that they had on them. The biggest hit perhaps was the death of their dog Jack, who was engulfed in the flames. Matt recalled the incident as the most horrific thing that he ever saw.

Jeff and Beth had their stars to thank as they were not in the house when the inferno raged wild.

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They had gone out to eat and Jeff was getting the Hardy Boyz tattoo on the back of his neck when Matt informed the couple of the disaster that had just occurred. It was one of the worst weeks in Jeff’s life as he was also suspended from the WWE for 60 days after a failed drug test, resulting in a wellness policy violation.

Fans rallied to help their beloved wrestler get back on track by donating in cash and kind.

Jeff’s brother Matt started a donation campaign for Jeff and Beth where fans donated clothes, wrestling memorabilia, framed photographs of the couple, action figures and much more. Thousands of fans stepped forward to help Jeff and Beth get through the crisis and return to a life of normalcy.

Hardy still has a few good years left in him and has expressed his wish for a potential return to the WWE somewhere down the line. If things work out and Hardy does make a comeback, then the ‘Charismatic Enigma’s’ net worth is bound to increase by leaps and bounds.

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Throughout his career, Jeff interacted with a number of other WWE Superstars. Here is a look at some of their net worths at a glance

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