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From the Impact/GFW Rumor Mill: Jeff Jarrett reportedly inebriated at Canadian show

Austin Hough
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Jarrett maybe in the middle of a battle with alcohol
Jarrett maybe in the middle of a battle with alcohol

What's the story?

GFW founder Jeff Jarrett allegedly drank so much alcohol that he passed out at an independent wrestling show last week, according to Steven Ewaschuk, the show's promoter, who spoke to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet.

In case you didn't know...

"The King of the Mountain" has had an adventurous 2017, to say the least. From merging GFW with his former company, Impact Wrestling, to the entire deal falling apart in the last week, trouble hasn't been able to escape Double J in 2017.

This seemed to continue at Real Canadian Wrestling, where the promoter, Steven Ewaschuk, said he was drunk the entire time.

The heart of the matter

Ewaschuk told Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin that Jarrett showed up late to the venue and seemed to be intoxicated. Jarrett blamed his tardiness on a customs issue trying to get into the country.

As the night progressed, Jarrett continued to drink, ultimately passing out in the locker room. According to Ewaschuk, Jarrett had to be woken up at intermission to take pictures with fans. After intermission, it was suspected that Jarrett kept drinking while getting ready for his main-event title match.

After his opponent entered first, Jarrett did not come out to his music originally. This prompted his opponent to grab the microphone and exclaim that Jarrett was upstairs getting drunk. Finally, after his song played for the second time, Double J showed up for his match.

After the show, Jarrett told Ewaschuk that he would update him on the travel issues he had, but never did.

What's next?

There's no way to gauge if this will affect Jarrett's future bookings. Jarrett denies these allegations, calling Ewaschuk an "amateur."

Author's take

This is not a good look for Jarrett, obviously. The drinking may have been caused by the recent split-up between GFW and Impact, but there's no confirmation that's what caused it. The 50-year-old seems to be at a crossroads of not only his career but also his life. Hopefully, he can recover from this and move on to bigger and better things.

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