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Jeff's injury can be a boon for Matt Hardy

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WWE should finally push Matt Hardy to the top

The entire arena erupted with joy when the Hardy Boyz made their long-awaited return to the WWE at this year's WrestleMania. Hardy's are, without any shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest tag teams to have ever competed inside the squared circle, and their return provided a much-needed shot in the arm to RAW's struggling tag team division. 

And just like that, within a blink of an eye, the Hardy's were back at the peak of the mountain with the coveted tag team championship in their hands. The crowd was forced to chant 'You still got it' but the truth is that they never lost it.

Hardy's s seemed to be getting better with age and their feud with Cesaro and Sheamus is widely considered to be the best tag team rivalry of the year so far. Things were certainly poised to get even better in the near future but unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.

At a recent edition of Monday night RAW, Jeff Hardy tore his rotator cuff and will be forced to go under the knife in the near future. He is expected to miss in-ring action for several months after that. Jeff's injury is a huge setback for the WWE and the fans, and everyone has their fingers crossed as they hope that he makes a speedy recovery and is cleared to compete in the ring as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Matt, whenever he was not paired alongside his brother, he never achieved success anywhere near to that of Jeff's as a single competitor. Matt always found himself living under Jeff's shadow. While Jeff Hardy was out there winning one world title after another, Matt was relegated and confined to competing in the cruiserweight division or battling for the US championship.

Thus, Jeff Hardy's injury presents an opportunity for WWE to right their wrong and give Matt Hardy the singles push that he truly deserves, instead of reducing him to the role of a mid-card jobber yet again.

Whoever followed the Hardy's successful stint in TNA wrestling, will agree that the broken Matt hardy character was the best thing that has ever happened to TNA (now GFW) in a long long time. Broken Matt captured the imagination of wrestling fans all over the world and it is considered by many to be the best work Matt has ever done in his illustrious career.

With Jeff Jarrett's exit from GFW and Anthem probably looking at raking in as much moolah as possible, WWE might be closer than ever to acquiring rights to the broken gimmick. Thus, the timing couldn't be better for Matt. 

Smackdown has struggled to find viewers this year and their product has been below par, to say the least. Hence, the broken Matt Hardy can be the answer to all their problems. Imagine how amazing it will be for the fans to see Broken Matt go one on one with AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, Nakamura or Bobby Roode. Such feuds will give the fans a much-needed incentive to tune into Smackdown week in and week out. And imagine what a moment it will be when he finally reaches the pinnacle of Smackdown by winning the world championship.

It is high time that WWE does the right thing and promotes Matt Hardy as a main eventer. Broken Matt Hardy, with a singles gold in his hands, is what the WWE and the WWE universe need and it most certainly is what Matt Hardy deserves.

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