Jericho reveals original plans for WrestleMania 25

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During a recent interview, Chris Jericho revealed some of the plans that were originally set for WrestleMania 25.

Jericho was supposed to wrestle Hollywood superstar Mickey Rourke in a singles match, but the actor accidentally said something about it at the the Screen Actors Guild Red Carpet, three weeks before the Oscars. Jericho said “My cousin texted me saying, ‘Are you wrestling Mickey Rourke? He just challenged you on the red carpet.’” This was supposed to be announced at the Oscars and once he said it, Rourke’s people feared that such an event could hamper his chances of winning an Oscar. Mickey then pulled out of the event, and managed to not win an Oscar anyway.

Vince McMahon came up with another plan. He got Ric Flair, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, and Greg Valentine, because his criteria was that it had to be someone from the Hall of Fame and also someone who had appeared in WrestleMania 1. Ric Flair was to be the ring leader. Jericho believed that a match between Piper, Snuka, Valentine and himself would not be good, and so expressed his opinion to Vince McMahon, who replied by saying: “It’s not supposed to be good.”

Jericho then suggested Ricky Steamboat, who had just started working there again, to replace Greg Valentine. Ricky was going through a tough time and this could help him. Mr. Vince was apprehensive at first but then later agreed to the idea. The show turned out to be an amazing one.

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