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WWE News: Chris Jericho says that you have to get over with Vince McMahon to succeed

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Chris Jericho considers Vince McMahon to be his friend

Chris Jericho considers Vince McMahon to be his friend

What's the story?

Chris Jericho has had a lengthy career as a wrestler and has recently been able to become a part-time star in WWE as well as recently being part of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom show earlier this year. It seems that if anyone knows the secret to having a lengthy wrestling career then it's Y2J and he recently opened up about some of the biggest factors in this.

In case you didn't know...

Chris Jericho was already quite a well-known name when he debuted in WWE back in 1999 after already making a name for himself in WCW. It seems that over the past two decades Jericho has been able to reinvent himself over and over so that he can easily claim that right now he is "the best in the world at what he does."

Even though Jericho hasn't been seen on WWE TV since his recent match at Wrestle Kingdom, it is reported that he asked Vince McMahon's permission before he took part in the match, even though he was out of contract with WWE at that point anyway.

It seems that Jericho has always had a good working relationship with The Boss, which could be why he has been able to fit his career over his touring schedule with his band over the past few years, not many wrestlers would be able to come and go from the company the way that Jericho can.

The heart of the matter

The former World Champion recently appeared on The Steve Austin Show where he was able to discuss his current relationship with The Chairman and how important it is to be over with McMahon if a talent has any hopes of succeeding. (Transcript via

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done anywhere else in the world until you go through the WWE curtain and Vince can see you." It doesn’t matter if you’re Steve Austin, Triple H, Mick Foley, Chris Benoit, AJ Styles, or Chris Jericho. I would probably say he doesn’t watch any wrestling whatsoever. He might hear some names. I don’t think he cares. Your job when you get to the WWE is to basically start from scratch and show Vince what you can do and if you get over with him, you’ll get a chance to get over. Not the pixie dust, but you need to get over with Vince first before you get the chance to really get over.”

Jericho also talked about the fact that he now considers Vince to be a friend of his and even invited him to an ACDC gig last year, but he tore his quads so he was unable to go, but Jericho did state that he invited him so it seems that they are pretty close terms.

What's next?

Jericho is hosting a WrestleMania party along with Fozzy the day of WrestleMania, which means that the former World Champion will not be part of the biggest event of the year this year, but it is likely that he will return to WWE in the near future.

Author's take

It goes without saying that at any job you have to be on good terms with the boss, of course in a few years this might not matter since it seems that Triple H is slowly taking over a lot of the power in WWE. Hopefully when Triple H takes over it will be less about what it over with him and more about what he feels the WWE Universe want to see at that point.

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