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Joe Coffey discusses his Last Man Standing Match, adding members to Gallus & more (Exclusive)

Gary Cassidy
30 Sep 2019, 01:58 IST

We spoke exclusively with Joe Coffey!
We spoke exclusively with Joe Coffey!

Joe Coffey is one of NXT UK's most promising Superstars. Not only being one third of Gallus, the colossus has recently gained a new moniker of Last Man Standing following the ICW star's monumental victory at NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff against Dave Mastiff.

But what's next for Joe Coffey? Well, having previously caught up with Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, we caught up with the third member of Gallus, the Iron King, to discuss life as an NXT UK Superstar, dream opponents, who he would add to Gallus and what it's like to transition away from wrestling while painted.

So, there's only one place I can start - that's the Last Man Standing Match where you recently emerged victorious from a real colossal clash with Dave Mastiff at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

That card overall was insane. How difficult, or how easy, did you find it to go out there and have a match that truly stood out from the rest of that line-up on the night?

I didn't think it would be difficult at all because it was so different from everything else on the card.

For me, the win was great but it was more about making a statement and there's no bigger statement than being the last man standing in that match.

Some of the absolute brutality that went on in that match, to be the last man standing, I was pleased with it and there were a lot of unexpected twists and turns that happened in the match that kept us both on our toes, and for it to be exciting for us, I think would only transcend really well into the audience and, at times, people didn't really know what was going to happen - and that's everything a Last Man Standing Match should be. It should be absolute chaos.

Well, it definitely stood out for me and it's one that I've gone back to watch.


Good stuff. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Now I asked Mark and Wolfgang this question a couple of weeks back and got a couple of very interesting answers, so I'd love to know your view.

You can choose anybody that on the WWE roster to join Gallus. Who do you choose?

Hmm, there's a lot... We don't really play well with others, that's the thing, but if we had to, if the chips were down and it was to even the numbers, there's a lot of people we could put in.

I'm actually really liking, more recently, the way Noam Dar's been presenting himself and putting himself out there in NXT UK. I think it's been really interesting.

I think he would fit in well, especially since he's got a bit of a mouth on him, and if he had the boys to back him up.

I'd have to say Killian Dain. I know Mark and Wolfie had said him but we've been watching the new NXT on USA, and to see him doing exactly what I've done, just taking people out and getting rough with it, he could be a definite possibility but I think Drew [McIntyre] would be a very interesting addition... A very interesting addition to our firm. You've just got me thinking there.

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