John Cena's 5 greatest WWE moments 

Wrestling Royalty!

Each generation has one wrestling megastar. Bruno Sammartino was the very first. Hulk Hogan followed suit. And then came John Cena. Hear me out. Put down your pitchforks. If you're a John Cena hater, I'd suggest you read on. If you're a fan, then happy reading.

Ever since his explosive debut in 2002,John Cena has never looked back. He has faced nearly every superstar, won almost every accolade there is to win, and sold millions of dollars' worth merchandise.

With that being said, he has had a career full of highlights, and it'd be difficult to pick the top 5 moments of them all. But since we have a lot of free time and a lot of John Cena adoration, we have compiled a list. Although your opinion on Cena may differ, please bear with me and read on.

This piece is dedicated to the vast Cenation as we relive John Cena's 5 greatest moments in the WWE.

1. The debut

In 2002,Kurt Angle was thriving in the role of a hated heel. On the June 27, 2002 episode of Smackdown,he laid down an open challenge to the locker room to face him. What happened next would change the wrestling world forever.

A rookie John Cena answered the challenge, and beat the ever loving hell out of Angle. He almost defeated the established superstar, and made an immediate impression in the minds of the WWE Universe. His spectacular debut was further enhanced by various legends such as Ron Simmons and, get this, The Undertaker himself commending the rookie on his match.

It was this debut that probably kicked off the Ruthless Aggression era which spawned even more stars like Batista and Randy Orton.

Although it took Cena a bit of time to find his shtick as a white rapper, a first impression was already made. You'd wish WWE would provide such impactful debuts today,'s a topic for another list.

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Edited by Gabby Duran
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