Former Bullet Club member takes a shot at John Cena

Former Bullet Club Member Stephen Amell dissed John Cena.
Former Bullet Club Member Stephen Amell dissed John Cena.

16 time WWE Champion John Cena is enjoying quite a lot of success from his hit HBO Max TV series "Peacemaker." The season finale of the show was just recently released last Thursday and featured a hilarious yet offensive jab at Green Arrow.

The roast at The Archer superhero character was all in good fun, but Stephen Amell, who starred in "Arrow," wanted to clap back with a response directly aimed at the Leader of Cenation.

Peacemaker cracked a joke about Green Arrow on the show, saying he "goes to Brony conventions dressed as the back half of Twilight Sparkle with a four-inch-wide b******e drilled in the costume."

This bit of crass comedy may not have sat all too well with Amell, who took the opportunity to respond to Cena, saying he that hasn't watched the show yet. The former Bullet Club member also added that he's too busy showing Cena what professional wrestling should look like on TV to even bother.

Haven’t seen it. Too busy showing Cena what professional wrestling should actually look like on tv.…

It seems Amell was referring to his drama TV series "Heels", currently airing on STARZ, in which he plays a professional wrestler named Jack Spade, in the latter half of the tweet.

The actor might have reason to be a bit defensive about the superhero since he played the vigilante Oliver Queen in the CW series for 8 seasons until the series wrapped in 2020.

John Cena is coming back as Peacemaker for an already greenlit second season.

Just learned from the good folks at @hbomax that the #PEACEMAKER finale had the biggest single day performance for a Max Original series and was up 44% over the premiere episode! That is a F#CKLOAD of ✌️ and does not happen without ALL OF YOU! Truly grateful. Ready for Season ✌️!

John Cena has played Peacemaker spectacularly, with the show being carried by his charisma and improvisation. But not all credit falls to Cena alone, with director James Gunn penning all eight episodes while helming five of them and proving once again that he churns out the best superhero content now.

The series was a roaring success with fans, and the finale proved to draw the biggest single-day performance for an HBO Max original series. So due to Peacemaker being one of the most talked about shows right now, it's been greenlit for a second season on HBO Max.

So, get ready to see Cena dish out more dark justice and offensive digs at DCEU's biggest superheroes yet again in another season of 'Peacemaker'.

Are you a fan of John Cena's portrayal of Chris Smith/Peacemaker in the series? Please let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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