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John Cena movies: 5 awesome cameo appearances by the WWE superstar in mainstream films

Rohit Nath
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 08:17 IST
Will Cena become Hollywood Cena soon?

John Cena has transcended into a different role in WWE. He has been the face of the company since 2005 and has carried the company ever since. What makes Cena so great is that being one of the four faces of the company, he has been the longest on top.

Being the face of the company means heavy responsibility, whether it is doing constant media tours, leading house show circuits, doing make-a-wishes,etc. 

After so long on top, Cena has now eased his WWE schedule and has found himself more involved in the mainstream, acting in more movies, being in more TV shows, talk shows and hosting prestigious award shows such as the ESPYs or the Teen Choice Awards.

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His current list of movie roles are just a handful, but nevertheless, that seems to be lining up, and many have questioned whether Cena will leave WWE for Hollywood the way The Rock did. The Rock has made arguably the most successful transition into a film career ever, as he is now the highest-paid actor in the world. 

While Cena has been the lead for quite a few movies, we will take a look at 5 awesome cameo appearances by the leader of the Cenation

#5 Ready to Rumble (2000) – Shocking connection between John Cena and Goldberg

Back when WWE’s franchise player was just a kid paying his dues

In the year 2000, WCW paired up to do the movie Ready To Rumble which featured some of their most prominent stars such as Randy Savage, Bill Goldberg, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, Rey Mysterio,etc. Funnily enough, in a scene that featured Bill Goldberg in a gym, a bleach blonde John Cena made a brief appearance in the background.

This was during the days he was just paying his dues. Who would know that in less than half a decade, the uncredited cameo appearance by a bleach blonde kid would end up being the face of the largest wrestling promotion in the world?


#4 Fred 3: Camp Fred (2012)

Cena made appearances in the trilogy of the Nickelodeon series

John Cena appeared in 3 consecutive films of the Fred franchise, playing the role of Fred, the lead character’s imaginary father. The father is basically himself, where hs is dressed as himself, and helps Fred during his tough times giving him advice. Here is his appearance in the film, giving arguably the most useless advice a father could give!

#3 Daddy’s Home (2015)

John Cena playing an intimidating Dad

John Cena made a notable and badass cameo at the end of the movie Daddy’s Home last year, a film which starred Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg.

The end of the movie sees the latter’s stepdaughter embracing her father, a scary looking muscular man coming on a motorcycle, which turns out to be none other than John Cena himself, in the fitting song of For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica

#2 Sisters (2015)

John Cena the drug dealer

For over a decade we’ve seen Cena portray a hero on television. However, in Hollywood, they had no hesitation giving him the role of an antagonist, as he played a drug dealer named Pazuzu in the film Sisters starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Cena was invited to hook the main characters up with drugs, and he was asked to stay in their party, which then turned out to be absolute chaos. 

#1 Trainwreck (2016)

John Cena the dumb stud

Perhaps his most famous movie role to date, John Cena played Amy Schumer’s dumb stud, gym addict boyfriend in the film Trainwreck. 

In the movie, John Cena has a sex scene with Amy Schumer(who funnily enough, is Dolph Ziggler’s ex-girlfriend) and also a hilarious scene in the movie theatre where he ends up sexualising when he attempting to intimidate. 

WARNING: The first clip involves sexual content

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Published 20 Oct 2016, 10:52 IST
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