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John Cena News: Former WWE Superstar declares 'he is coming' for the Cenation leader

25 Nov 2018, 01:36 IST

Good guy on TV, bad buy behind scenes?
Good guy on TV, bad buy behind scenes?

What's the story?

Alex Riley is at it again when it comes to his vitriol against John Cena. The former WWE Superstar has constantly blamed the Cenation leader for his failures in WWE and it seems he is still not over the entire ordeal.

Riley took to Instagram and warned that he is 'coming for everything Cena has'. Is Riley paving the way for a WWE comeback or is this just former employee venting out his frustrations against one of the most powerful figures in WWE?

In case you didn't know...

Riley was signed by the WWE way back in 2007 and was sent to Florid Championship Wrestling (FCW) -- the former developmental system of the company. After a successful period in FCW where he won the FCW Heavyweight Championship once, Riley joined the second season of NXT under the mentorship of The Miz. Even though he was unsuccessful in winning the competition, Riley became the Miz's sidekick and aided the A-Lister during his much-criticized WWE Championship run.

Riley ventured out into a futile singles career after his alliance with Miz came to an end and became a color commentator in 2013 while also wrestling sporadically in the live event circuit.

He had another shot at reviving his in-ring career when he returned to NXT in 2015. However, he was eventually released from WWE in May 2016 as part of an extensive talent cut routine. He has since then shifted his attention to making a career in showbiz and acting.

The heart of the matter

Riley had previously revealed on the Jim Ross Report in early 2017 that a backstage incident with John Cena had drastic implications on his career. Cena was accused of sabotaging Riley's career and Riley himself has spoken about it in various interviews in the past, however, not much has been disclosed regarding the alleged incident.

Last year, Roman Reigns mentioned the Riley-Cena situation in a promo that drew more attention to the Franchise Player's backstage image. Ryback too revealed how Cena was influential in putting down Riley in front of his peers behind the scenes, which ultimately led to his career coming to a grinding halt.

Riley still seems to be bitter over his treatment and made it know in his latest Instagram posts:

What's next?

Cena is scheduled to return to WWE TV leading up to Royal Rumble but will Riley follow suit? We're not sure what Riley means by his comments in his IG post but he seems desperate to settle scores with the 16-time WWE Champion.

What does Riley exactly mean? Will WWE be tempted to get Riley back for a program involving real heat? Sound off in the comments section below.

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