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WWE News: John Cena terrifies British journalist in awkward interview

9.58K   //    22 Dec 2017, 10:43 IST

Cena lays down the law
Cena lays down the law

Of all the people on this Earth you should actively try to avoid ticking off, professional wrestlers should be somewhere near the top of the list. This, unfortunately, did not seem to be the case for British journalist Christopher Hooton of The Independent.

Speaking with the sixteen time WWE Champion John Cena about his new animated film 'Ferdinand' the conversation, as you would expect, quickly turned to Cena's love affair with his real home - the WWE.

Hooton, who works for The Independent as a Culture Editor, asked Cena's opinion about why it seems that so many big-name wrestlers eventually choose to transition to the world of film, implying that they make the decision simply because it "hurts less".

The British journalist made this comment in a comedic and ironic way, not expecting the future Hall of Famer to take it seriously. Oh, how wrong he was. Cena's demeanour and voice quickly dropped to a sombre low tone of disapproval, followed by an unshakeable stare mixed with intentionally confrontational and snappy answers.

After the tension had somewhat eased, Cena politely asked Hooton to repeat his question in a more honest, less sceptical way. At this point, and not for the last time in the interview, Cena began a long tirade about his love for storytelling and how that love meshes with the WWE so perfectly.

It was an in-depth, down to earth answer and one you can tell Cena was very happy to give. His passion for the business was on full display for all to see.

Once Cena was done with this particular question, Hooton could be seen looking down at his notes. He hesitated, knowing that the next question would probably evoke a similar dissatisfied reaction from the superstar because of its similarity to the first. But, he went ahead anyway.

The real nail in the coffin came when the unsteady Independent employee made light of Cena's "complicated relationship" with the fans. Rather than answering the full question, Cena smirked and immediately demanded to know more about this alleged "complicated relationship".

Hooton went on to explain that he feels this way because Cena is a polarizing figure with the fans in terms of whether they love or loathe him. Cena, cool as can be, hit back with a simple yet impactful answer, "What's so complicated about that?".

The rest of the interview jumped back to the topic of the film every now and again, but soon turned into an interesting insight into parts of the wrestling business the fans might not be familiar with. From debating with Vince McMahon about whether he should turn heel, to the emergence of the 'PG Era', it really was a captivating verbal essay from the former champ.

The interview can be found below in its entirety.

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