Jon Moxley: AEW young talent doesn't know how good they have it [Exclusive]

Photo credit: AEW Dynamite
Photo credit: AEW Dynamite
Rick Ucchino
Modified 29 Feb 2020

Jon Moxley is absolutely loving life in All Elite Wrestling. He spent 8 years with WWE wrestling under the name Dean Ambrose and had a great bit of success during his tenure with the company. Despite rising to prominence as a member of The Shield and eventually winning a World Title, Mox has made it clear since his departure that he really did not enjoy his final years in WWE.

Neither the number of Championships he won nor the number of zeroes on his paycheck could outweigh the struggles he went through with the company's creative process. His utter disappointment with the way WWE handles its storylines has been well documented since Moxley joined AEW.

I had a chance to chat with Moxley this weekend on my radio show in Cincinnati, and he reiterated those sentiments to me.

"Best thing about AEW is that guys are just allowed to be themselves. You know I don't have anybody writing scripts for me. I don't have anybody putting word's in my mouth. I don't have to wonder what my motivations are or be confused about - 'what are we even doing here? This doesn't make any sense.' It's whatever I want it to be."

While Moxley is really enjoying the fact that he can just go out to the ring and do whatever he fancies, he gets real joy from watching some of the younger talents get to do the same.

"It's great for me to watch these young guys especially, that don't even understand how good they have it. Don't even understand the opportunity that they have, because they've never been put in cage or put in a box. They've only been free wild animals. They don't even know about captivity yet."

Moxley says a feels like a big brother to a lot of the wrestlers backstage. You can hear my full conversation with him below:

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Published 29 Feb 2020
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