Kayfabe Lies: How Chris Jericho got the photo of Kevin Owens in a Y2J shirt

The photograph in question
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What’s the story?

This week on RAW featured a special edition of the Highlight Reel, where Chris Jericho promised that he would expose Kevin Owens for who he really was and reveal the ‘real’ Kevin Owens.

Jericho brought out a photo of a teenage Kevin Owens. The photo featured Owens wearing a ‘Y2J’ T-Shirt.

Jericho would also share direct Twitter messages that Owens sent him when he was breaking into the WWE. This eventually lead to Owens coming to the ring and attacking Jericho from behind, following a distraction by Samoa Joe.

However, the incident left many fans wondering, how exactly did Chris Jericho get hold of the embarrassing Kevin Owens photo, which revealed that Owens was once a Jericho mark.

Via our heroic source, Brave Scmeltzer, we have managed to find out exactly how Jericho managed to get hold of the image.

Y2 talented

We have all seen how several WWE Superstars have been hacked recently.

However, Chris Jericho isn’t your ordinary WWE Superstar. Chris Jericho is a wrestler, musician, writer, podcaster and more! The “and more” part is what is essential here, as very few people know what other skills Chris Jericho has.

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It turns out that when hackers were attempting to steal private data from Jericho, Jericho became instantly aware. Little did the hackers know, that computer programming was one of the many skills Jericho had from his time at the “School of Jericho.” Code it in maaaaaaaaaannn!

Let’s make a deal

Jericho was set to initially report the hackers to the police, however, he then had another idea. He asked the hackers which other WWE Superstars they had successfully hacked. The hackers revealed many names, with one of them being Kevin Owens.

The hackers agreed to turn over all the cloud data that they had of Kevin Owens, in exchange for Chris Jericho not reporting them to the Police. Fast forward to Monday Night Raw, and that is the explanation as to how Chris Jericho got his hands on the embarrassing image of a teenage Kevin Owens wearing a Y2J T-shirt.

Although Owens left Jericho laying in the end, Jericho will have his chance to get the ultimate revenge when he faces Kevin Owens on Sunday 2nd April at WrestleMania 33, with Jericho’s United States Championship on the line.

Stay tuned for more Kayfabe lies, as we completely make up stories to fill in the blanks, that the WWE writers did not.

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