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Kayfabe: Ziggler's blade job was "over the top", claims Attitude Era fan on Twitter

1.98K   //    22 May 2015, 11:34 IST
Many speculate that the owner of the account in question is the man in the white shirt.

On Twitter this week, an account which belongs to a fan of the infamous Attitude Era of professional wrestling, known for its extreme moments and hard-hitting violence, has been littered with Tweets about his displeasure and dislike of Dolph Ziggler’s bleeding face at Payback. 

“What are they showing us? Wrestling or a horror movie? First Lesnar at WrestleMania, now this? #PGSucks #BringBackTheAttitudeEra” read one of the Tweets. 

The name of the person running the account is uncertain, as the name mentioned states ‘Bring Back The Attitude Era and Stop PG’. This is a well known and common Twitter name among twelve-year-old children who didn’t even live during the Attitude Era, and also among grown men who are never happy with the sport they love. 

This particular account is known for its non-ending requests to bring more blood and gore into the product, and many were startled to see the Tweets about there being “too much blood”. 

“We ask for blood and they give us this. Who ever asked for this much? It’s all over the ring, how are the other matches supposed to happen with Ziggler’s blood all over the place? #NotPleased #WWESucks #HorribleShow” read another Tweet. 

The verbal assault didn’t stop there. The twelve-year-olds or fully grown whiners decided to start abusing Dolph Ziggler as well, a wrestler who has been praised numerous times by the account. 

An internet fan-favourite, Ziggler was attacked by an unknown keyboard warrior.

“Nobody ever expected Dolph to #botch like that. It’s just a blade job, anyone can do it. And he had to receive stitches for it. Is this the kind of violence WWE promotes? #ICouldHaveDoneItBetter #WWEIsABadInfluence” 

All of these Tweets were favourited and retweeted numerous times by other accounts with the same name, and also some with names such as “Cena Sucks” and “Bring Back Real Wrestling ‘Cus Stone Cold Said So”. 


After the last Tweet of displeasure aimed towards WWE and Dolph Ziggler, the following Tweet by the same account read: 

“I can’t take this PG nonsense anymore. We need more blood and more attitude. #WeWantBlood #BringBackTheAttitudeEra” 

Note: This is a humour piece intended for fun and should not be taken seriously.

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