Keith Lee discusses the importance of escapism amidst the coronavirus pandemic

Keith Lee is the NXT North American Champion!
Keith Lee is the NXT North American Champion!
Gary Cassidy

The landscape of the wrestling world has completely changed over the past month, mirroring the unfortunate, harrowing pandemic which is gripping the globe right now.

However, as Drew McIntyre noted in an article we brought you yesterday, wrestling is providing a much-needed escape in the form of entertainment for many fans worldwide!

In a recent Q&A session with WWE UK, NXT's North American Champion Keith Lee provided his thoughts on WWE continuing to provide entertainment at a time when it's much needed for, well, pretty much everyone!

Lee noted that, while he hopes WWE fans can bask in his glory, he's developed his own forms of escapism too - via music and building a computer.

“Sometimes these moments are very good for giving people a chance to reflect on life. Maybe for some, it will help reprioritize, and for those that don’t need it then I definitely think that having some form of entertainment, giving people an escape, whether it is training, or television – hopefully us – or in my case music or building a computer. There are so many different ways but having it available to take our minds off.”

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