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Kevin Nash on why his old WCW gimmicks didn't get over, nWo, Fake Diesel and more

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:12 IST

Soon to be two time WWE Hall of Famer
Soon to be two time WWE Hall of Famer 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is a soon to be two-time WWE Hall of Famer having been inducted as Diesel in 2015, and soon to be going in with the nWo in 2020. Nash accomplished a lot in a professional wrestling career that is still going strong to this day.

In WCW, Nash was a five-time World Heavyweight Champion, and nine-time Tag-Team champion. While in the WWF, he won the WWF Heavyweight Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the Tag Team Championships.

My interview with the legendary Superstar appears below with audio at the bottom of the page.

SK: You had a couple of different gimmicks while in WCW like Oz, was there a reason they didn't work?

Nash: It's the push. You win you get over, and you don't win, you don't get over. If you're basically doing jobs, you're not going to get over.

SK: Also, when you were in WCW, you were in a stable with DDP and Hall before going to WWF to become Diesel. How did you feel about The Vegas Connection?

Nash: Again, they didn't use us. When Scott [Hall] went to WWF as Razor and I went as Diesel, but when we came back to WCW after that, they paid mighty for it.

SK: Speaking of WWF, how did you two feel going back to WCW and WWF had the fake Razor and Deisel?

Nash: It was funny. Kane played the fake Diesel. If Elvis was still alive, do you think an impersonator would draw? I don't think there's been another time someones been on another network, and they actually use the gimmick.


SK: You go into WWF as Diesel and win your first championship at Madison Square Garden beating Bob Backlund in 8 seconds, how'd that feel?

Nash: I was the IC Champion, and Tag Team Champion too in that year of 94. I probably hadn't even had 300 matches with the company at that point. They went with me, and I got over because of it. When you get the machine behind you, you'll get over.

SK: What got you into professional wrestling?

Nash: I was an athlete my whole life. I played basketball. I tore my knee up and couldn't run up and down the court anymore. I didn't have the vertical I used to have, but I could move well enough in a twenty-foot ring. I figured it was the closest thing I could do to stay athletic, and thirty years later, I'm still doing it. 

SK: In the past, you've talked not being a fan of the big guy vs. big guy matches like you vs. The Undertaker, why is that?

Nash: It's the skill set. Taker and I had good matches. Now, Big Show, I can't pick him up. The easiest story to tell is Davis vs. Goliath, a big guy versus a little guy, whereas you have two trees trying to chop each other down, the psychology doesn't work. 

SK: How did the nWo form?

Nash: That was [Eric] Bischoff's idea. He had the idea before we even signed with WCW. 

SK: Whose idea was it to form nWo White and black, and nWo Wolfpack?

Nash: Who knows?

SK: You could have been your own company.

Nash: That's what we were supposed to do. Take the company over and make it nWo, then the WCW guys take it back. 

SK: How did you feel about the nWo pay-per-views with the empty arenas?

Nash: That was our idea. They weren't pay-per-views. They were just matches. The reason we did that was if we were on a taped show, they would only edit it because we were invaders. It was like we bought air time.

SK: Thank you for your time.

Nash: Anytime.

Published 18 Dec 2019, 00:00 IST
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