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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura, WWE Clash of Champions 2017 winner, video highlights and analysis

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Will Owens and Zayn keep their jobs?
Will Owens and Zayn keep their jobs?

Sami Zayn and Randy Orton began proceedings with both McMahon and Bryan in the ring. Orton covered Zayn and the two referees couldn't decide which one of them was going to count the pinfall. Orton and Nakamura initially took turns double teaming Zayn and working on his left arm.

Owens tagged in and attacked the Japanese Superstar with a flurry of strikes to the gut. The two referees being unable to live with each other was a constant theme as the "combatants" exchanged strikes. Orton and Owens traded nearfalls with big strikes as McMahon and Bryan attempted to come to a compromise.

Zayn, clearly the best performer in the match, tagged in and mocked the Viper while chopping him in the corner. The two former Ring of Honor standouts took turns double teaming Orton and even started a "Yep!" chant at one point. Another constant theme in the match was Owens complaining about Shane McMahon's performance as the referee.

After landing a back suplex, Orton made the tag to Nakamura, who assaulted Owens with a series of knees. The former NJPW product hit an incredible enzuigiri for two before locking in a triangle.

Bryan then began to count the pinfall as Nakamura's shoulders hit the mat, forcing a break. This led to another disagreement between the officials, who were clearly the focus of the match.

Nakamura survived a blue thunder bomb from Zayn and a senton from Owens before making the tag to Orton. Zayn went up to the top rope, but he was crotched by the Viper. Orton then hit an earth-shattering superplex on the former El Generico before he was dragged outside the ring by Owens.

Nakamura attempted to intervene, but he ate a running splash through the table for his troubles. When the action returned to the ring, Orton nailed Zayn with a powerslam and a rope-hung DDT. Shane McMahon then turned cheerleader as the Missouri native hit an RKO.

Just as the WWE careers of Owens and Zayn looked all but over, the Prizefighter tipped Bryan onto Shane, disrupting the count. An irate Orton then stared down Bryan before hitting Owens with an RKO.

Zayn and Orton exchanged cradles before the former NXT Champion secured the perfect schoolboy. However, Shane McMahon refused to register a three count, prompting a shoving match with Daniel Bryan.

Zayn then rolled up Orton again as an angered Daniel Bryan registered the fast count to spite his boss. Was this a heel turn? One would guess not.

Result: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn def. Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton to retain their jobs.

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