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WWE News: Kevin Owens reveals moment he had backstage with Sami Zayn after winning the Universal Championship

The Prize Fighter shares a special moment he shared with his "former" best friend

The rivalry that never ends

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn is perhaps going to be looked upon as the defining rivalry of this generation. Anytime the two are put together, nothing short of magic ensues. For the WWE audience unfamiliar with their previous body of work, it was seen quite clearly in Payback and Battleground  this year. 

When the two were brought up to the main roster, the way they were booked from the get-go was a clear indication that WWE had long-term plans with both the stars, one to be a top heel of the company, and the other to be a top babyface.

From Zayn's main roster call-up this march, he was feuding with Owens in some form or the other, constantly involved in matches with him, whether it was a ladder match, a singles match or a Fatal Four Way match. The first chapter of their rivalry on the main roster came to a close at Battleground, with Zayn walking out victorious.

However after that, Zayn, as he himself pointed out, became directionless, whereas Owens wound up becoming the WWE Universal Champion.  But that didn’t seem to hinder Owens’ real opinion of Zayn or his achievement.

Owens recently spoke to SLAM!Sports on the aftermath of his championship win and the journey to his WWE success when many people didn’t believe he would do it.

Owens was asked about who greeted him first when he went backstage after his title win, and though he maintains heavy kayfabe with Sami Zayn, he did reveal a special moment he shared with him.

"The first one, I don't want to just say who it is, but I think people can figure it out. It was very emotional because, in a lot of ways, we both achieved this. I don't know how to describe that. It's our title, in a way, if that makes any sense.

Owens proceeded to reveal what he told Vince McMahon backstage after his championship victory.

It's a special moment to get to tell Vince McMahon that you're not going to regret this and have him say, 'I'm sure I won't.' It was just really something

Owens went on to credit Triple H for his belief in him, and also taking a chance with him when many critics believed he wouldn’t succeed in WWE due to his different look. Owens also spoke about the importance of his family in his success.

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