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Know your WrestleMania better - Fact file #1

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Press Conference To Announce A Major International Event At MetLife Stadium

With WrestleMania just around the corner, here are few facts/stats from the main event. The wrestlers included here have been extraordinary in the WrestleMania event. Please note that matches held prior to the start of the PPV do not count towards these totals.

General WrestleMania facts

Only man to win a World Title, a secondary title, and a tag team title at WrestleMania:

No one has done this yet

Only wrestlers to win a singles and tag team championship at WrestleMania:

Yokozuna (WWF Championship 9; World Tag Team Championship 11)

Christian (World Tag Team Championship 16/17; Hardcore 18)

Only female to win a men’s championship at WrestleMania:

Mighty Molly (Hardcore Championship 18)

Only tag teams to walk out as Champions at consecutive WrestleMania events:


Demolition (WM 4,5,6)

Money Inc. (WM 8,9)

Edge & Christian (WM 16,17)

Most WrestleMania matches won:

20 – The Undertaker

Most WrestleMania Appearances:

20 – The Undertaker

Most consecutive WrestleMania appearances:

12 – Bret Hart

Heel and Face Turns

Wrestlers to make a Face turn at WrestleMania:

Brutus Beefcake (WM 3)

Andre the Giant (WM 6)

Randy Savage (WM 7)

Steve Austin (WM 13)

The Big Show (WM 15)

Kane (WM 15)

Trish Stratus (WM 17)

Wrestlers to make a Heel turn at WrestleMania:

Rick Martel (WM 5)

Curt Hennig (WM 10)

Bret Hart (WM 13)

Triple H (WM 15)

Steve Austin (WM 17)

Trish Stratus (WM 20)

Title Facts

Only wrestler to win and lose the same title at the same WrestleMania (excluding the multiple Hardcore Title matches at WM 18):

Yokozuna (WM9)

Only wrestler to lose 2 belts at the same WrestleMania:

Kurt Angle (WM 16)

Most World Title victories (WWF, WWE & World Heavyweight Championship)

3 – John Cena (WM 21,25,26)

3 – The Undertaker (WM 13,23,24)

3 – Steve Austin (WM 14,15,17)

3 – Hulk Hogan (WM 5,7,9)

Stay tuned for more facts on WrestleMania

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