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Kurt Angle: 5 of his funniest moments in WWE

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Milk Does A Body Good
Karan Bedi
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Kurt Angle is an Olympic Gold Medalist,s a wrestling machine and an American Hero. This is how the entire WWE Universe looks at Angle. He is every one of these things. He puts on great matches, thrills the crowd with his athleticism as well as showcases his technical prowess. What a lot of WWE fans forget or rather overlook was Kurt's incredible comic timing.

Much like The Rock, he was a gifted performer on the mic and improved over many years in the wrestling business. When Kurt Angle first debuted in the WWE, his persona was that of an uptight heel who was a good old-fashioned American hero. In essence, WWE designed his character to draw heat with the WWE Universe.

The Olympic Gold Medalist came to prominence during the attitude era and his character was a throwback to Hulk Hogan chanting 'USA! USA! USA!' and so on. While he eventually became a face, he was still great in any comedy sketch that he did. Whether it was being the butt of the joke or parodying other wrestlers, he was undeniably irresistible to the WWE fans.

Here are 5 best and funniest moments from Kurt Angle's illustrious WWE career.

#5 Kurt Angle and Edge, Pictures Segment

You Suck Indeed
You Suck Indeed

Kurt Angle's greatest asset as a performer outside a WWE ring was his commitment to a part. One of those aspects was appearing to look dumb while a WWE Superstar got one over on him. It's was those great 'deer in the headlights' that got him over with the WWE Universe.

While this segment led to a match between him and Edge at Judgment Day, it was one of the more funnier moments from the start of the Ruthless Aggression Era. Edge plays on Kurt's arrogance by showing him pictures of himself with messages at the back of them.

Is it sophomoric and childish? It's true. It's damn true. But here's the thing. Professional wrestling is silly and that part of it is what makes it so awesome to watch at times. Going by the audience reaction, it certainly was one of those funnier moments.

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Published 17 Mar 2019, 21:23 IST
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