Last-minute predictions for NXT Vengeance Day

Will the truth finally come out at NXT Vengeance Day?
Will the truth finally come out at NXT Vengeance Day?

NXT Vengeance Day is next up on the WWE calendar of Premium Live Events. Clarksville, Tennessee, will host the brand's final big card before Stand & Deliver during WrestleMania weekend.

The drama between Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, and Ilja Dragunov should finally come to a head. It's been brewing for a few months, and it's time for some revelations.

Hayes has recently appeared on SmackDown, so it seems like he'll be revealed as the attacker and put Trick over on his way out. Elsewhere on the card, two of NXT's most complete in-ring performers, Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria, will battle over the NXT Women's title.

The card features six matches and will set the stage for the biggest show of the year for the black-and-gold brand.

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Below are last-minute predictions for NXT Vengeance Day.

#6. The D'Angelo Family takes on OTM and Jaida Parker

The X Factor here is Scrypts since he's not officially a part of the match. His interference actually cost OTM when they challenged The Family for the titles.

OTM is still relatively new to the NXT scene yet has already had a title shot. The group needs a lot more seasoning before they are worthy of being tag Champs. Malik Blade and Edris Enofe have performed in every match yet haven't held tag team gold.

While a win by OTM would net them another title shot, there are more seasoned and deserving teams, especially with the finals of the Dusty Classic on the same card. The newer squad will get another shot, but not any time soon.

Prediction - The D'Angelo Family gets revenge on OTM for the attack at the restaurant

#5. Can Joe Gacy and Dijak survive a No DQ match?

What sort of carnage can these two get into at Vengeance Day?
What sort of carnage can these two get into at Vengeance Day?

One thing is certain about Joe Gacy - fans either love his work or hate it. While his act in Schism was over the top as a cult leader sort, his newer character has a better foundation.

He acts as an agent of chaos, whether appearing from under the ring or at the commentary table. His reluctance to stay down after numerous beatings has only confounded the imposing Dijak.

Dijak asked for the no-disqualification stipulation and needs the win at Vengeance Day more than Gacy. Gacy can take loads of punishment (like Mankind) and get over with the fans due to his toughness.

Prediction - Dijak wins by throwing Joe Gacy

#4. Who will win the 2024 Dusty Cup finals?

These two squads are entertaining in different ways. Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes started as friends and only recently started teaming up for the Dusty Classic. On paper, they should be a more cohesive unit. The recent drama surrounding who attacked Trick has taken over their friendship.

Williams will pull double duty at Vengeance Day by also challenging for the NXT title. Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker started as enemies, but their chemistry has made Corbin the most entertaining he's been in a long time.

The whole 'Wolf Dogs' debate is hilarious and one of the more interesting pairings in NXT. The end is near for TrickMelo and should start at Vengeance Day. It's past time for the truth to come out (and having R-Truth actually come out wouldn't hurt).

Prediction - The Wolf Dogs (Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker) win the Dusty Cup.

#3. Oba Femi defends the North American Championship against Dragon Lee

Dragon Lee wants his North American title back.
Dragon Lee wants his North American title back.

Oba Femi caught Dragon Lee by surprise after he defeated Lexis King. While he'll have time to prepare for a one-on-one showdown with Femi, he won't be winning the title back.

Lee juggled time on SmackDown and NXT over the last two months due to an unfortunate injury to Wes Lee. He was probably a back-up plan to dethrone Dominik Mysterio.

While Dragon Lee is an impressive superstar, he's already made a mark on SmackDown. Femi is just starting his journey as an NXT star. He'll retain his title at Vengeance Day after a valiant effort from the former Champion.

Prediction - Oba Femi beats Dragon Lee

#2. Lyra Valkyria crosses paths with Roxanne Perez

Who will leave Vengeance Day as the NXT Women's Champion?
Who will leave Vengeance Day as the NXT Women's Champion?

This could be one of the harder matches to predict. Perez didn't have the official title reign she deserved due to outside factors. Ever since she vacated the title last March, the Championship has been in a state of flux.

Indi Hartwell won the vacant title but got hurt and then drafted. Tiffany Stratton won the belt but had an uneventful run as Champion. Becky Lynch only held the title for 42 days before losing it to Valkyria in October.

Tatum Paxley or Lola Vice could factor into the finish. Since Valkyria hasn't had a long run, Paxley will cost Perez again, causing The Prodigy to snap. It will also set the stage for a higher-profile match between two of the top ladies in NXT.

Prediction - Lyra Valkyria wins after getting unwanted help from Tatum Paxley.

#1. Will it be Trick's time at NXT Vengeance Day?

Will Trick Williams leave Vengeance Day with any gold?
Will Trick Williams leave Vengeance Day with any gold?

Trick's popularity has never been higher, but it's not his time to win the NXT title. He needs to have a program with Carmelo Hayes since we still haven't found out who attacked him late last year.

Ilja Dragunov is still in high gear and only won the title at the end of September. The earliest he should lose is Stand & Deliver, but even that may be too soon for a title loss.

The reason for the two matches at Vengeance Day is to provide an out for Williams not winning the title. It could also finally be where Carmelo Hayes turns on him or even costs him the match.

Ilja has earned a longer reign and can lose the belt later in the year when Trick starts a Cody Rhodes-like path for a rematch.

Prediction - Ilja Dragunov retains after Hayes costs Trick the match

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