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3 Forgotten Cash-Ins That Didn't Involve The Money In The Bank Briefcase

Lak Gill
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Most of Edge's 11 world title victories came through underhanded means<p src=" />
Most of Edge's 11 world title victories came through underhanded means

The Money in The Bank is an established part of WWE. The PPV itself is now considered one of WWE’s Top 5 PPV’s and the briefcase has given us many memorable moments. 

However, the company has been far too reliant on the concept. Whenever WWE wants to do something shocking, they have the MITB holder run out for an all too familiar cash-in.

There have been three times that WWE wanted to book a cash-in, but they didn’t have a briefcase available. Let’s look at those three occasions that followed the same format of a MITB cash-in – just without the contract. 

#1: Edge cashes in his ‘married-to-Vickie-Guerrero’ card – Survivor Series 2008

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Survivor Series is known for controversy

Edge had been absent on TV since SummerSlam when Undertaker “sent him to hell”. During that time, Triple H, Jeff Hardy and yes – Vladimir Kozlov were in a three-way feud for the WWE Championship. The match at Survivor Series was meant to be a triple threat match, but on the morning of the show, Jeff Hardy was laid out by a mystery assailant (who turned out to be his brother Matt).

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The match went forward but as a one-on-one match between champion Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov. The ten-minute bout between the two was so dull that fans cheered when super-heel Vickie Guerrero came out. Vickie announced that “There will be a triple threat match” and that “He’s here!” Fans were led to believe that Hardy had recovered, but instead, Edge’s theme blared out. A wide-eyed Edge sporting a long beard darted out with an expression that made it seem as if he did spend three months in hell. His wife Vickie looked on with glee.

Jeff Hardy did come out to try to stop Edge, but Hardy’s wayward chair hit Triple H, allowing Edge to cover the fallen Game to win back the WWE Championship.

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