Major name interferes and costs Randy Orton & more - 3 mistakes WWE must not make at King and Queen of the Ring weekend

The Viper Randy Orton [ Image Source: Screenshot from WWE
The Viper Randy Orton [ Image Source: Screenshot from WWE's YouTube]

WWE is set to appoint a fresh King and Queen of the Ring. The finals of the tournament are scheduled to take place at the King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event in Saudi Arabia tomorrow.

The Ring General Gunther and Lyra Valkyria have secured spots in their respective finals from Monday Night RAW, and the WWE Universe is eagerly waiting to find out the remaining participants for the finals of both tournaments.

Tonight on SmackDown the line-up for the finals of both tournaments will be revealed after the conclusion of the semifinals.

Here are three mistakes WWE should avoid making tonight and at the premium live event on May 25.

Randy Orton must not beat Tama Tonga on WWE SmackDown


Last week on SmackDown, Randy Orton won his quarterfinal bout against Carmelo Hayes to qualify for the semifinal of the KOTR Tournament.

The Apex Predator will be competing against the Bloodline's new addition, Tama Tonga in the next round. While Orton is slightly favored to win, he should not beat Tonga to advance to the final. Tonga brings valuable expertise to the organization, especially in rejuvenating a Bloodline that appeared to be lacking motivation.

Since he is new to the company, taking down the Viper would be a major accomplishment for the Tongan. Despite the popular belief that Orton might come out on top, Tonga needs to secure the victory, even if it involves resorting to underhanded tactics to outsmart the 14-time world champion.

We're stepping into a fresh chapter for The Bloodline, and Tonga needs to remain unbeatable for the upcoming stage in the epic Bloodline Saga.

Kevin Owens must not interfere and cost Randy Orton his match


Kevin Owens and Randy Orton have developed a close connection over the past few months while also working together to take on The Bloodline.

The recent bonding could lead to some unexpected drama in tonight's episode of SmackDown. Considering Owens' past betrayal, the WWE might surprise everyone by having The Prizefighter double-cross The Legend Killer.

Owens might consider embracing his darker side by teaming up with The Bloodline, which could open up new doors for him.

However, it would be unwise for him to turn his back on Orton, solely for the sake of WWE's desire to surprise viewers and generate temporary excitement on television.

Gunther must not lose the King of The Ring Tournament


Gunther always manages to captivate the crowd every time he steps into the ring. Winning the King of the Ring will only add to his aura.

If Randy Orton manages to defeat Tama Tonga and go on and win the crown at tomorrow's PLE, it will surely add to his list of accomplishments. However, it probably won't make much of a difference to his grand legacy.

The Ring General, who is the future of the company, might not be competing for a world title at the moment. However, if he manages to win the King of the Ring Tournament, it will put him in the main event for SummerSlam later this year.

Thus Gunther must go on to win the KOTR Tournament and finally get his world title shot later this year.